Use your existing phone

No Hardware to Purchase or Install. It’s all virtual!
Use your existing phone

Another attractive feature of MightyCall service is that business number users don’t need special devices or hardware. All you need is your gadget: mobile phone (iOS or Andriod), landline or home phone and a computer with internet access. It’s all virtual!

When you create a MightyCall account, all calls to your business number are automatically forwarded to the number specified on the registration form. So you can manage your business immediately after registration using your private number!

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If I get calls on my private number, can I make outbound calls on behalf of my business number?

Installing the MightyCall mobile application enables not only call receiving, but also calling a client with your business (NOT private) number.

I utilize my phone and mobile app for client relationships. How can I change settings?

MightyCall web panel allows advanced settings and fully featured workspace. Using web panel, you can customize incoming calls processing (for example, set auto-attendant), invite your colleagues, who will handle calls, and check call history, voicemail and calls. You and your team can also receive and make calls via integrated web phone.

Related features

  • Call forwarding

    Would you like to receive business number calls on different devices (mobile, home, and landline phones)? No problem! You can easily customize “Call Forwarding” to suit your needs.

  • Custom greeting

    Thinking of promoting your company image but want to keep using your mobile phone? Set a unique greeting that will catch your clients’ attention.

  • After-hours call routing

    Longing for work-life balance? Use work- non-work hours call settings! Mute your phone without any concern about client call processing.

  • Voicemail & Transcription

    MightyCall offers bulk voicemail storage with a handy feature: not only can you listen to the voicemail, but also read it.

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