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Use your existing phone

One of the best elements of MightyCall is how easy it is to start using the service.

Since everything is virtual, no hardware or additional equipment is necessary—all you need is your gadget: a cell phone, a landline, or a computer with internet access.

When you create a MightyCall account, all calls to your business number are automatically forwarded to the device(s) of your choosing.

Can I make and receive calls on my business number?

Yes, once you have a virtual phone number with MightyCall, you will receive calls as you dictate with call routing rules as well as being able to initiate calls whenever you like.

How can I change the system settings?

MightyCall’s web panel displays the advanced settings with clear visuals to make customization a breeze. Using the web panel, you can customize incoming call processing (for example, set an auto-attendant), invite your colleagues to the system, choose who will handle certain calls, and check your call history, voicemail, and call recordings.

How much will I really pay?

Because there are no start-up charges or equipment to buy or rent, you will only pay the monthly price of the plan you select. Everything in the system is accessible on any phone or internet connection.

Getting MightyCall is not a life-changing decision because of the cost involved, but because of what it can do for your business; all you need is a phone and the willingness to give it a try.


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