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Real Estate Phone System

With MightyCall, every business call is a step closer to closing your next deal

Trusted by 700+ real estate companies
Trusted by 700+ real estate companies

Features favored by hundreds of real estate professionals

Toll-free & local numbers

Depending on your business strategies, add the types of numbers you need and manage them in one account

Call recording

Check call recordings to verify the details of deals and make sure your team excels in customer service

Voicemail transcription

Never miss a business opportunity by getting all voicemails transcribed and emailed to you


Stay connected even when you can't call by sending videos, pictures, and documents to your customers

Business hours

Direct after-hours calls to voicemail or create a VIP list and forward those calls to a personal number

Custom greeting

Replace the standard introduction by recording or uploading custom greetings and messages for callers

Play video

Crown Key Realty

“We really like that MightyCall allows us to record the calls. We love the pricing for everything included. Other companies give a base rate then add-ons. Mightycall is amazing for the value. Secondly your tech support is really helpful and fast.”

Susan Goulding, Founder of Crown Key Realty
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Reliable service to keep your
customers happy

MightyCall is continuously recognized as a G2 Leader at 4.5 stars due to its reliable & intuitive nature, exceptional customer support, and ease of setup

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Why your real estate company should choose VoIP

Get property management under control

Advanced call and message log communication records associated with specific properties always available at a click or a tap. Keep your team updated by leaving a note about every interaction.

MightyCall Call Center Call Log

Stay connected working on the go

Thanks to the MightyCall app, you always have access to your business calls and messages on your phone wherever you are. Keep your business number in your pocket and never miss any call.

Oversee your team performance

Manage the users’ roles and access depending on what you want them to do. Listen to calls, assign tasks and keep track of requests managed by your team members – all in one place.

MightyCall Call Center – Team Management

Manage your call flows

Direct calls to the right place by choosing one of the 9 call routing options: call to user, call to group, multi-level voice menu, or voicemail. Create new call flows for every business number.

MightyCall’s Call Routing

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way