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Place a call using your virtual business number

Port in your business number for free

Choose a toll-free and local number for free

Enable text messages and call recordings

Set separate call routing rules for your business numbers


Get a toll-free and local virtual phone number
for your business with MightyCall


Get your virtual phone number
You can have a toll-free and local number
Add your team
MightyCall offers unlimited extensions for free
Set call routing rules
Add greetings, business hours and voicemail
Keep the history of all interactions with your clients
Calls, texts, call recording, voicemail and voice-to-text transcription

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Keep your personal number private

Get toll-free and local business numbers

virtual phone number

Keep your business running

After-hours call routing means no call is ever lost

virtual phone number

Work from anywhere

Make and receive calls on any device of your choosing

virtual phone number

Save important contacts

Save and keep track of your contacts within the system in mini-CRM

virtual phone number

What devices can I use MightyCall’s
virtual phone number with?

You can use MightyCall on any device you want:

online phone number
virtual phone number
virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

4 out of 5 stars

virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

4.2 out of 5 stars

virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

4.5 out of 5 stars

virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

4.2 out of 5 stars

Why buy a virtual phone number from MightyCall?

online phone number

All VoIP functions included

Call forwarding, visual voicemail, auto-attendant, etc

online phone number

Instant activation

Instant activation

online phone number

Free Vanity number

Make and receive calls on any device of your choosing

online phone number

Port your number

The number is yours. Port it in or out for free

online phone number

Toll-free & local numbers

Toll-free number for national presence and local numbers for local presence

online phone number

Unlimited users

Add your team. Unlimited extensions in every plan

virtual phone system

“I love that I can set up my business hours and
receive calls only during those hours.
I like that I’ve been able to keep business and personal separate.”

Sandra Balzola. Red Sand Studios, LLC.

virtual phone system
virtual phone system

“When we drive out and about my wife can still take customer service calls, take orders, all while we’re driving across Indiana. Having MightyCall has given us total freedom.”

Mitch Rezman. Vice President, Windy City Parrot

virtual phone system
virtual phone system

“MightyCall saves us up to six times what it costs us.
That’s a no-brainer for me.”

Will Schinagl. Simple Stroller Rental

virtual phone systemvirtual phone system
virtual phone system

“Cannot go wrong with this service. We've been using them for over a year. The system has eliminated all robo calls.”

Varga Gulshani. Elegant Painting

virtual phone systemvirtual phone system


Are virtual phone numbers “real” telephone numbers?

A virtual phone number is a 100% REAL phone number, just attached to an online account. It works just like a normal phone number too: you can use a virtual phone number to receive texts, to send texts, and of course, to talk!

Can I have multiple virtual phone numbers?

You can have as many virtual phone numbers as your heart desires. All MightyCall plans come with at least two.

How do I set up a virtual phone number?

Setting up a virtual phone number is SO easy. Once you’ve purchased your number, setting up an account is often as easy as filling in basic information and setting up your phone service as YOU see fit!

Can I choose a local area code outside of my city/state?

With MightyCall, you absolutely can! Plenty of businesses want to expand their operations without seeming like out-of-staters, and with a virtual phone number, that’s as easy as 1-2-3!

What does virtual phone number mean?

A virtual phone number is just a phone number that’s bought “virtually”- that is, online. It’s attached to an account, not a particular phone, which makes it way more flexible and easy to use

Do I need any hardware to use virtual phone number?

All you need to use a virtual phone number is a computer (or phone), some sort of microphone, and some sort of way to listen to the sound (like headphones)

Why use a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers allow for maximum flexibility, are helpful for on the go small businesses, and make any business stand out as professional

Can I get toll free virtual phone numbers?

MightyCall carries tons of toll free virtual phone numbers- it’s just as easy to get one as it is to get any virtual phone number (which is to say- very easy!)

Who owns the virtual phone number I purchased?

YOU own your virtual phone number - 100%.

How do I use a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers are extremely flexible. Most often they can be used to make or receive calls through a computer, on a mobile app, or on a telephone.

Are virtual phone numbers legal?

There is nothing illegal whatsoever when it comes to virtual phone numbers. They’re just as legal as any other phone number!

How do I get a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers can be purchased from virtual phone number companies such as MightyCall or Grasshopper. They can also be obtained for free from companies like Google Voice.

How do I get a virtual business phone number?

You can get a virtual business phone number by signing up with a VoIP company which provides business phone numbers. Receiving a number is usually quick and easy. Once it’s yours you can make calls from your computer or your phone, depending on the service.

What is the best virtual phone service?

There are lots of virtual phone services to choose from, and all of them have pros and cons. Those which are particularly highly rated are MightyCall, Grasshopper, and RingCentral.

How does a virtual phone call work?

A virtual phone call is made through the internet. This means to make one you’ll need some sort of internet connection. This can be accomplished through your phone’s signal, Wi-Fi, or a plugged-in internet cable.

Are virtual numbers safe?

Virtual numbers are 100% safe. They’re just like regular phone numbers in that once you have it, it’s yours- other people can’t make calls with them unless you give them access.

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number is just like any other phone number, except when you use it to make calls you do so via the internet. This can be done (depending on the service) through most internet connected sound-capable devices.

How to get a personal Virtual Phone Number?

You can get a personal virtual phone number by signing up with a VoIP service like MightyCall. You can also get one simply by buying one from a virtual phone number provider.

Are SMS available with a Virtual Phone Number?

Many virtual phone number providers and VoIP companies like MightyCall offer SMS messaging with their virtual phone numbers, but not all of them do. When purchasing a number, make sure to look closely at the fine print.

How can I get Voicemail with a Virtual Phone Number?

As a virtual phone number operates like a “normal” phone number, people can of course leave you voicemail when you miss their calls. Depending on the carrier, your voicemails may be stored on your phone, on an app, or on a central website hub. Some even use cloud technology.

How can I get a landline Virtual Phone Number?

While virtual phone numbers are primarily used for internet connected devices, some can be used with landlines or hard/desk phones. To find out if a provider offers the ability to use numbers with landlines, check out their features or simply ask a salesperson directly.

What is the best VoIP provider for a Virtual Phone Number?

There are lots of VoIP providers, and their helpfulness will vary depending on what you are looking for. If you’re an individual or freelancer looking for something stripped down which just provides you with a second number, Google Voice is a basic option. If you’re a small business or want more features, try MightyCall.

How do I set call forwarding with a Virtual Phone Number?

Call forwarding is an extremely useful feature which allows you to forward calls you receive to other devices. Use of this feature, however, depends on who you use as your provider and/or servicer. Most companies offer a how-to or have instructions on their websites.

Get a virtual phone number for your business now!

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