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Get an Internet Phone Number Today

Get an Internet Phone Number Today

What is an Internet Phone Number?

  • An internet phone number is a virtual phone number that uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology to route calls. This means that they aren’t tied to a landline. You can use the same number with any cell phone, tablet, or computer, since they aren’t linked to a specific device.
    These numbers serve a wide variety of purposes, allowing you to forward telephone calls, make conference calls, and more. Furthermore, virtual phone systems provide a simple, economical way for people to place calls overseas. They are far cheaper than traditional phone services.

When Does Your Business Need to Get an Internet Phone Number?

  • Traditional landlines are too expensive

    Landlines are significantly more expensive than VoIP systems due to setup costs, line rental, and other costs to consider. If you cannot afford that expense, you might want to buy an internet phone number instead.

  • Customers have difficulties getting in touch with you

    If you’re often on the go and it’s difficult to reach you using a landline, the flexibility afforded you by mobile-compatible VoIP services will ensure that customers can still reach you.

  • The number of calls you receive per day has gone up

    The low cost of internet-based phone numbers means that they’re an affordable option for companies that are in the process of expansion.

  • Your company needs a virtual international presence

    International expansion is a great way to bring more customers on board and potentially increase your revenue, but international calls over landline phone systems can be very expensive. By using a web-based number, you can save as much as 90% on calls abroad.

  • The advanced features offered by a virtual phone system appeal to you

    Getting internet phone numbers brings such benefits as: call recordings, automated voicemail transcripts, address books, and much more. Most of them also include CRM integration functions.

  • Your business requires a scalable number service

    Whether you need to increase or decrease how many numbers you have for your company, it’s easy to do with a web-based telephone system.

How to Get an Internet Phone Number?


Choose a provider and plan

Decide what type of phone number your business needs: toll-free, local or vanity phone number.


Select a number

Set up your users and extensions.


Set up the system

Add greetings, business hours and voicemail.


Start making calls

Integrate MightyCall with the tools you use to get your business on the same page.

Why Getting an Internet Phone Number from MightyCall?

Any business phone number Any business phone number

Toll-free, local, vanity, and international numbers. Competitors often charge extra for these numbers, but we know customers need variety and all the tools they can use, so we don't. You can get these different phone numbers with your plan.

World class security & reliability World class security & reliability

Your conversation quality will stand the test of time thanks to our 99.99% uptime, 24/7 network security, data encryption, and protection from robocallers.

Live Customer support Live Customer support

Our customer support consists of real people with years of experience. Our chatbot isn’t there for show and we have numerous ways for customers to reach out if they need help.

Great features Great features

Get access to dozens of features, none of which are per month extras. From team-oriented features like call forwarding, call transfer, and conference calls to call recording and voice-to-text, every aspect of the customer-communication cycle is covered to help you convert calls to sales.

Competitive price Competitive price

With some of the lowest per user prices without a drop in call quality or feature set, our packages offer some of the best value on the market.

All virtual All virtual

Up and running in minutes.

Trusted by thousands of successful businesses


The value of virtual phone numbers

Every business can benefit from a virtual phone system. Use different types of numbers, advanced call flow settings and workflow integrations to strengthen your customer communication.


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About MightyCall

  • MightyCall has been serving the small business community for nearly a decade, transforming into a streamlined engine that works for any company. With over 10,000 customers boosting their customer communications, MightyCall brings cutting-edge telephony tools to every corner of the continent.
    Small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of America, and MightyCall takes pride helping Main Street stay relevant against Wall Street.

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How Does an Internet Number Work?

  • Internet numbers are virtual and work by transferring data using VoIP technology. They’re not connected to a physical landline and don’t require a SIM card to work. If you are placing an international call, you don’t even have to worry about having a physical address in that country to make the call go through.
    You can utilize VoIP technology while on the go. Calls can be routed to any connected devices, be they IP or mobile phones, laptops, or tablets.

Features of Internet Phone Numbers

  • Internet telephone numbers have a whole host of benefits that make them stand out to business owners. In this section, we’ll consider just a handful:

  • Call recording

    When you record your calls, you can isolate particularly helpful sections for training and quality purposes. You can also use these audio recordings to evaluate the performance of your representatives.

  • Call forwarding

    If your customer has a problem you’re not able to resolve, you can redirect the call to a staff member who can. This is also ideal for those times when you have limited availability and need to make a call transfer.

  • Auto-attendant

    Auto-attendants streamline the calling process, presenting customers with a pre-recorded menu, so they can be referred to the right person.

  • Texting

    Some services also offer a texting feature. If you have a client who prefers to communicate over text or who would benefit from SMS reminders, this feature is especially useful.

  • Voicemail

    Some of the more advanced phone service providers incorporate speech recognition technology into their business voicemail service, generating transcripts of your conversations.

  • Webphone

    This feature allows you to make phone calls from your desktop browser, so you can field calls while working on your computer. Flexibility is a major priority for web phone number providers.

Benefits of Getting Internet Numbers

  • With VoIP software, you can enjoy a wide range of advantages over more traditional calling methods.

  • Geographic flexibility

    Internet phone numbers allow you to field calls from anywhere in the world, all at a far cheaper rate than from a landline. This is ideal for businesses looking to grow their client base and expand into other countries.

  • Use on any device

    You can use internet calling on practically any device, providing the device in question is capable of using either the app or web client.

  • Cost-effective

    Using VoIP, you can avoid phone line rental, set up fees, and extortionate call costs. When you’re working to a budget, VoIP is just the most sensible choice.

  • No hardware necessary

    You don’t need any specific hardware to use the service. All you need is internet connectivity and a phone or computer to call from.

  • Take calls anywhere

    When you use an internet phone number for business, you can receive calls anywhere and work on the go, benefiting both the company and your clients.

  • Scalability

    VoIP is both a low-cost and easy to set up phone system, meaning that it’s the perfect choice for businesses looking to scale up.

What is Required for the Implementation of Your Internet Number, Including Equipment?

  • Very little equipment is needed for an internet phone number. That being said, there are a few things you will need to make use of a VoIP:

    • A high-quality internet connection: To ensure that your calls have good enough quality, you want an internet speed of at least 100kbps.
    • A VoIP provider: Use our program as a VoIP phone service to get an internet number.
    • A device for calling: This could be a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, or a softphone.
    • A headset: Headsets are optional but are useful because they leave your hands free.
    • A VoIP adapter: A VoIP adapter links together the network hosting your virtual calls and your analog phone service. With MightyCall your business phone number doesn’t require the adapter to work.
    • Additional software: When making calls through a laptop or PC, you can use a web client. Using a cell phone, however, will require the use of an app from your VoIP provider. For example you can check MightyCall apps.

How to Switch to an Internet-based Phone Number by MightyCall

  • Switching your pre-existing number to an internet number with MightyCall couldn’t be easier. Furthermore, this service is free! All you have to do is follow these five quick steps:

    1. First, gather all the documents and information you need. You will require a letter of authorization from your phone provider, your number, your contact info and payment details.
    2. Alert your current phone provider to the switch.
    3. Fill out the number porting application request on our site.
    4. Wait for the switch to be confirmed. This usually takes between ten and fifteen days. During this time, do not cancel your ongoing contract. If the process takes longer than you’re expecting,contact our customer support.
    5. Enjoy our internet number service!

Types of Internet Phone Numbers


Toll-free numbers

Work great for nationwide companies and / or those that want to encourage calls.


Local numbers

Connect with your community. MightyCall has numbers from every area code in the U.S.


Business phone numbers

Protect your personal number without compromising on business communications


International numbers

Call around the world with
low prices


Online phone numbers

Manage your calls through a Wi-Fi connection.
On-the-go work has never been easier


Virtual phone numbers

Get a business phone number & full feature set without needing a second phone.


VoIP numbers

Get better call coverage and dozens of VoIP phone number features for less than your personal cell plan.


Vanity numbers

Take the opportunity to brand your business with a word or phrase so customers remember you better

Important Points About Internet Numbers

  • How much does an internet phone number cost?

    The total cost of this software depends on the package you’ve selected and on how many people will be using the software. The price may increase if you choose to include add-on services.

  • Can I send and receive text messages with my internet number?

    Some services do allow you to send and receive text messages, yes. Here at MightyCall, we understand that many people now prefer text-based communication over voice calls. That’s why we include SMS messaging in our services, available via both our mobile app and desktop version.

  • Who owns internet phone numbers after purchase?

    After purchasing an internet-based number, you are the one who owns it. This means you are free to transfer numbers between providers.

Best Practices for Choosing an Internet Phone Number for Your Business

  • When selecting an internet number for your company, you should consider which goals you wish to achieve. To help you decide, ask yourself the following:

    1. Consider what you want to use the number for.

    • Customer service: Use either a toll-free internet number within one country or get international numbers. This will ensure that your number is accessible to all clients, giving your support team the widest reach possible.
    • Sales: Providing you’re selling to customers in your area, a local internet number is best for sales-focused businesses. This is because people are more likely to pick up the phone if they recognize the area code.
    • Vanity numbers: Vanity numbers are ideal for general businesses. They are very memorable, far more so than a random string of numbers. Including an IVR menu can streamline the process, too, routing the calls to where they need to go.

    2. The size and location of your business also influence the number you’ll choose.

    • Small teams: Smaller companies that are based in one area will benefit most from a regional number.
    • Nationwide companies: Since toll-free numbers aren’t tethered to any specific geographic location, they make a natural choice for nationwide companies. They are also very cost-effective, which is always a nice bonus.
    • International companies: Naturally, an international number is the best fit for an international company. That way, you can field calls from all over the world at a reasonable cost.
    • Enterprise-level companies: Start-up companies are looking to establish their own brand and get recognized. Clever, memorable vanity numbers can help with that.

Best Ways to Get Internet Phone Numbers

  • If you’re looking for such a phone number for your company, there are lots of different options available to you. Here we consider some of the best options on the market.

  • MightyCall

    We’ve been around for a decade now, providing communication solutions for thousands of clients. The easy scalability of our services means that we’re perfect for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    • Get toll-free, international, vanity numbers, and more.
    • Enjoy unlimited storage with all our plans.
    • Consider a CRM integration.
    • Use call forwarding and recording.
    • The free trial only lasts one week.
    • Our personalized service is better for small and medium teams.
    Price (all per user/per month):

    We offer three tiers of service here at MightyCall:

    • Small team: $12 per user/month
    • Business: $15 per user/month
    • Enterprise: $150/month

    Best for: Small and medium-sized teams

  • eVoice

    eVoice is a simple to use VoIP network aimed at solo entrepreneurs and small teams of employees. Both toll-free and local numbers are available to their users.

    • eVoice is very easy to set up and start using.
    • eVoice offers just one plan but a number of customization options.
    • eVoice does not offer a very wide range of functions.
    • The more workers you have on your team, the more expensive your plan becomes.
    Price (per user/month):

    eVoice only has one plan available:

    • Elite: $14 per user/month

    Best for: Solo entrepreneurs and small teams

  • Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is an internet phone provider aimed at small companies in the US and Canada. They also offer their services to solopreneurs and teams of one to three people.

    • You’ll benefit from the same services at every tier.
    • Smaller companies will benefit from a collaboration solution provider that knows exactly what its target audience wants.
    • Grasshopper is currently only available in the United States and in Canada.
    • Grasshopper has a reduced list of features.
    Price (per user/month):

    Grasshopper offers three tiers of service:

    • Solo: $26/month
    • Partner: $44/month
    • Small Business: $80/month

    Best for: Solopreneurs, partners, and small teams

  • RingCentral

    RingCentral has been operating for over two decades, connecting people from around the globe. With their cloud-based technology, RingCentral offers business communication solutions from phone systems to call centers.

    • Texting is available at all tiers of payment.
    • Video calls are included in the Standard, Premium, and Ultimate packages.
    • The Standard tier and above include a call analytics suite.
    • The software does not support the Linux operating system.
    • There have been reports of some tasks going missing.
    • Most small enterprises cannot afford RingCentrall’s fees, especially at higher tiers.
    Price (all per month):

    RingCentral offers four tiers of service:

    • Essentials: $19.99/month
    • Standard: $27.99/month
    • Premium: $34.99/month
    • Ultimate: $49.99/month

    Best for: Medium to large teams

  • FreedomVoice

    FreedomVoice is an internet phone service provider with a focus on small companies. Despite their low costs, FreedomVoice offers a good range of features with their services.

    • FreedomVoice offers local, vanity, and 1-800 numbers.
    • The software is incredibly user-friendly.
    • Users have found that the connection quality varies depending on their location.
    • Some reviews claim that FreedomVoice is not the best choice for businesses that need more than four phones.
    Price (All Ooma Office and month/per user):

    FreedomVoice offers three tiers of service:

    • Start: $9.95/month
    • Edge: $19.95/month
    • Max: $29.95/month

    Best for: Entrepreneurs and small companies

Get More Value for Your Business with an Internet Phone Number

  • If you are a solo entrepreneur or a business owner, there are lots of reasons why you should consider moving to a VoIP number if you haven’t already. There are loads of internet phone system providers out there, leaving you spoiled for choice,but with the many features MightyCall provides at such competitive rates, we’d like to think we’re among the best.
    So, if you’d like to see for yourself the benefit of flexible, high-quality calls with your clients, whether local or abroad, reach out to us today.

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