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business phone number


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Add greetings, business hours and voicemail
Keep the history of all interactions with your clients
Calls, texts, call recording, voicemail and voice-to-text transcription

What devices can I use MightyCall’s
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You can use MightyCall on any device you want:

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Keep your personal number private

Get toll-free and local business numbers

virtual phone number

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After-hours call routing means no call is ever lost

virtual phone number

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Make and receive calls on any device of your choosing

virtual phone number

Save important contacts

Save and keep track of your contacts within the system in mini-CRM

virtual phone number
virtual phone number

I love that I can set up my business hours and receive calls only during those hours. I like that I’ve been able to keep business and personal separate

Sandra Balzola

Red Sand Studios, LLC
virtual phone number

Cannot go wrong with this service. We've been using them for over a year. The system has eliminated all robo calls

Varga Gulshani

Elegant Painting
virtual phone number

It’s a huge plus that my managers can use MightyCall on their phones to return calls without their personal numbers showing

Brannon Riceci

virtual phone number

MightyCall saves us up to six times what it costs us. That’s a no-brainer for me

Will Schinagl

Simple Stroller Rental

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virtual phone number
virtual phone number

4 out of 5 stars

virtual phone number
virtual phone number

4.2 out of 5 stars

virtual phone number
virtual phone number

4.7 out of 5 stars

virtual phone number
virtual phone number

4.2 out of 5 stars


What is a virtual business number?

A business phone number is no different from a normal phone number - the only difference is that it's used for your business!

A virtual business phone number allows for greater flexibility than offered with traditional phone numbers, as you can use a virtual phone number with multiple devices, making it easier to make and receive calls anywhere.

How can I get a business number?

You can get a business number the same way you get any other number- through a telephone number provider.

What is good about buying a MightyCall number for my business phone number?

Your business number will become more than just a number to you. With the aforementioned flexibility, you will have access to all sorts of awesome features.

Plus with an online MightyCall number you can separate business from personal, work from anywhere, and control your social media and online texting from one central hub.

Can I get toll free business phone numbers from MightyCall?

MightyCall carries tons of toll free business phone numbers. There is no extra charge for a toll free number.

Is it possible to get a business number with an area code which doesn't match my area?

It depends on who you are buying the business number from. With a VoIP number, the process is incredibly easy- you just buy whatever number from whatever area, and that's that. When folks call your new business number, they'll feel like they're calling a local business.

How can I differentiate between calls to my personal number and my business number?

Well if you have a landline or a dedicated cell phone, then this problem resolves itself. However, that ties you down to a landline phone or it forces you to carry around a second cell phone.

With the VoIP business number option, some companies allow you to turn on a type of Caller ID which identifies whether or not an incoming call is personal or business.

Is using a VoIP number for my business number safe?

VoIP (or just "internet numbers") are absolutely safe, seeing as they are effectively no different from a landline number - except with a VoIP number you have lots more flexibility, along with whatever features come with the number.

Is my cell number masked when I make an outbound call through the MightyCall mobile app?

Yes, your personal phone number will always remain private if you're using MightyCall. When you call others, your virtual phone number will display on the other person's phone. If you'd like your company name to display instead, you can do so by registering for CNAME free with MightyCall (CNAME is only available for local numbers).

Get a business phone number now!

No contract.
No hardware needed