MightyCall or eVoice?

MightyCall or eVoice?

AlternativeseVoice vs MightyCall

Comparing MightyCall and eVoice isn’t as direct a comparison as some of the other companies providing virtual phone numbers, but once you begin looking into the two, it becomes clear MightyCall is the superior system. First off, some basic points:

  • eVoice only provides businesses with a virtual number, while MightyCall provides the virtual number along with the cloud IP PBX, allowing for so much more flexibility
  • MightyCall tracks client requests for calls, emails, your site hits, and social media; eVoice only covers calls
  • MightyCall has more features, by far, and at a lower overall price

Prices Comparison

Basic Standard Ultimate
Mightycall Evoice Mightycall Evoice Mightycall Evoice
Price $ 19.99 $ 29.99 $ 49.99 $ 49.99 $ 99.99 $ 79.99
Minutes Included 1 000 1 000 5 000 2 000 15 000 4 000
Price per minute 0.02 0.03 0.01 0.02 0.01 0.02
User extensions Unlimited 5 Unlimited 10 Unlimited 15
Local or Toll-free numbers 2 15 5 30 10 45</td


Want more? See our superstar prices.

eVoice has 4 general monthly pricing plans: 300 talk minutes for $12.99, 1,000 talk minutes for $29.99, 2,000 talk minutes for $49.99, and 4,000 talk minutes for $79.99.

  • The $12.99 plan offers 6 numbers, but what difference does it make when you can only talk on the phone for an average of 10 minutes per day before getting hit with extra charges?
  • The $29.99 plan is much closer to MightyCall’s Basic plan for $19.99. They offer the same amount of minutes, but with MightyCall you get some fundamental features like unlimited texting, unlimited extensions, and our unique activity queue for free. No matter what eVoice plan you have, nearly every additional feature is an additional monthly charge; if you want text messages, that’ll cost you extra. So basically, you wind up paying twice as much for what you could get with MightyCall.
  • The larger plans, at $49.99 and $79.99, are where features costing extra really burn you. MightyCall has more features than eVoice to begin with—thanks to our cloud IP technology—but once you get MightyCall’s Standard or Ultimate plan, you’ll be getting most and then all of our advanced features like call recording and voice-to-text transcriptions for free. If you want those features, or again, even text messages (!), with eVoice, your monthly bill is going to end up significantly higher than $50 or $80. Those prices just aren’t very transparent.

Also, just 2,000 talk minutes for $50 and 4,000 talk minutes for $80? MightyCall’s $49.99 Standard plan offers 5,000! eVoice’s talk minute totals are barely covering the essentials for a successful small business, so even if their additional surcharges for talk minutes are low (3.9 cents a minute), you shouldn’t have to budget that extra cost in just because you had a busier month than usual.

So, to recap: the features eVoice does have, like voice-to-text, call recording, text messaging, and web conferencing are all extra charges no matter what plan you have. Unfortunately, eVoice’s start-up services hammer your wallet too; porting your number into the system is $40 (free with MightyCall), a vanity number is $30 (free with MightyCall), and an international number is $30 ($10 with MightyCall). There is simply no universe where MightyCall isn’t better bang for your buck.

Looking at the chart, you can see there’s a big difference, and it most certainly isn’t fluff. Let’s quickly breakdown the capabilities MightyCall gives you that eVoice has no answer for.

Capabilities Comparison

Mightycall Evoice
Price per month $ 19,99* $ 29,99**
Minutes Included 1 000 1 000
Price per minute 0,02 0,03
User extensions Unlimited 5
Local or Toll-free numbers 2 15
Texting Unlimited Pay-as-you-go
Vanity search Yes, for free $30
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes Yes
Call screening Yes Yes
Conference calling Yes Yes
Call recording In standard plan $ 6/ $9 – 1 user
Video conferencing No Pay-as-you-go
Click-to-Call Widget Yes Yes
Contact Us Widget Yes No
Call Back Widget Yes No
Social Media tracking Yes No
Transcribed voicemails No Yes
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes No
International numbers $10 extra $ 29,95 extra
International Calls Yes, pay-as-you-go Yes, pay-as-you-go
Existing number transfer Yes, for free Yes, for free
*Basic plan **eVoice 29.99

Construct your virtual phone system to support your business’s structure

With MightyCall, you can configure entities like departments, project teams, and even phones for each employee. This three-tier structure easily allows you to map your company’s work and business rules into logical call flows.

The telephony from eVoice contains only users and their numbers. We can consider a ‘user’ as a department, but in this case, a department would consist not of employees but only of phone numbers, undermining the system’s organization.

IP softphones & Webphones

MightyCall offers both softphones and a webphone, giving you convenient and clear ways to communicate with your employees. Having this separate channel for your team will keep you on the same page.

eVoice doesn’t have anything like this, so if your company is relatively big, always on the move, or just has separate departments, the only way to connect with someone is by calling them—taking their availability away from your customers!

Flexible Call Distribution

Call distribution (how your phones are rung) within a group of coworkers is an often overlooked element, but it should always work to maximize your customer service. We offer 4 alternatives to suit your needs:

  • Simultaneous
  • Round robin
  • By qualification
  • Freest first

eVoice offers only 2 methods: sequential and semi-simultaneous. The semi-simultaneous method eVoice offers is severely flawed though, as the system can only handle 5 calls being rung at the same time. If your team is bigger than that, you’re out of luck.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) depending on time

We offer you the chance to set business and non-business hours with distinct call routing rules. eVoice has business hours too, but their system is linked to your phone number, and not call routing rules determined by an algorithm. This limits flexibility, could potentially lose you phone calls during non-business hours, and requires manually setting your hours every day.

Social Media Integration

Our social media connector, as well as our integration with email and web forms, enables you to check client requests from phone calls, emails, web forms, Facebook and Twitter and respond from a single place.

Your calls, emails, direct messages, and mentions in social media will automatically be turned into tasks and added to the activity queue so you’ll never miss anything important. Covering multiple bases of communication allows you to be more on top of things.

Web Widgets

MightyCall was one of the pioneers of web widgets in the VOIP market. Our ‘Click-to-Call’ & ‘Contact Us’ web widgets help turn company websites into engaging places where visitors can easily find any piece of info they need or call you for free straight from the site.

The widgets are yet another example of advanced integration you can use to manage your business that eVoice lacks.

If you want to know more about the industry at-large and your choices, here is a bird’s-eye view of the Business VoIP market: Your Mega-Giant Guide to the Most Popular VoIP Providers

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1 000 minutes
2 Toll Free or Local Numbers


5 000 minutes
5 Toll Free or Local Numbers

Call Recording

Voice to Text


15 000 minutes
10 Toll Free or Local Numbers

Call Recording

Voice to Text


Softphones & Hardphones

All plans include

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Unlimited Text Messaging

    Customizable call routing


  • Webphone

    Conference calls

    Call Queues

    Voicemail to Email

  • Custom greetings

    Performance Reports

    Facebook & Twitter Integration

    Web Widgets

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • No Long Term Contracts

  • You can change your plan anytime

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