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Vanity Phone Number

Make your business number stand out
with a vanity number from MightyCall

What is a vanity phone number?

A vanity phone number is a custom phone number composed of 2-4 letters mixed with numbers. A good example would be 1-212-888-CATS. These US or Canadian phone numbers are popular among business owners due to their usefulness in marketing strategy.

The vanity numbers are praised for being far easier to remember than ordinary phone numbers. It’s easier to memorize the aforementioned 212-888-CATS than it would be to remember 1-212-888-2287, especially if you saw it on a billboard you drove past six hours ago. Additionally, words draw more attention that numbers do, since the viewer is tempted to make sense of them within the given context.

Vanity numbers availability

Available vanity numbers come with many toll-free prefixes, including 877, 844, 855, 866, 800, and 888, which allows the providers to offer a nice phone number variety to their users. Since more and more vanity phone numbers for sale get purchased daily, MightyCall will let you know whether the number you like is available when you go to select your vanity number. If the vanity numbers for sale you like are unavailable, MightyCall will offer a variation that is close to the desired outcome.

MightyCall’s phone numbers selection

Vanity toll-free numbers for your business

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If you get a vanity toll-free number, it’ll be a definite win-win. Since it doesn’t cost anything to dial 1-800 on your phone, not only are customers more likely to remember what your number is but they’ll be more likely to reach out, knowing that it doesn’t come with any charges.

How vanity number can help your business

Establish brand consistency

Having a vanity phone number will help you to stay consistent with your brand, as it can be custom-made to contain your logotype or to state your key concepts. This will make your company have a more professional feel in the eyes of your customers.

Go local or toll-free

Vanity numbers can be local or toll-free, depending on your business goals. If you want to penetrate a local market and gain customer trust as a local brand, it can be an option. If you want to expand country-wide and make calling you free for your clients, vanity numbers for business are definitely a way to do that.

Make it easy for your customers

Help your customers memorize your number by giving them a vanity customization they will automatically retain in their memory. This will be a big step forward towards your customers and will increase the incoming call volume.

Cut communication costs

Vanity phone numbers are accessible and cost-effective, especially if you purchase a vanity number from a VoIP company. VoIP companies often include tons of beneficial features as a package with the virtual phone numbers.

How to Get a Vanity Phone Number?


1 Select a provider


2 Get creative and customize your vanity telephone number


3 Set your call routing rules. Add greetings, business hours, & voicemail


4 Place your new pretty number on the posters and billboards

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Can I port my vanity number?

If you already have one of these numbers, you might be concerned about how challenging it will be to port it to MightyCall’s business phone system. There is no need to worry, though. With MightyCall, number porting is amazingly easy and cost-free!

  1. Gather a few pieces of information first: a letter of authorization from your current provider, as well as your name, address, and credit card information and information about your number.
  2. Inform your existing provider of the transition.
  3. Send a porting request to the MightyCall team.
  4. Await the completion of your request, it can take ten to fifteen days with no downtime for your number.
  5. Happy calling with MightyCall!

Why buy a custom phone number from MightyCall?

Lots of options

MightyCall has a wide variety of custom vanity phone numbers, allowing you to choose a local area code or a toll-free number, and to select the perfect combination of numbers and letters.

​​World class security & reliability

The conversation quality for your vanity mobile number will stand the test of time thanks to our 99.99% uptime, 24/7 network security, data encryption, and protection from robocallers.

Competitive price

Custom phone numbers at MightyCall are some of the cheapest per user without a drop in call quality or feature set, they come with packages that offer some of the best value on the market.

Great features

Get access to dozens of features, none of which are per month extras. From team-oriented features like call forwarding, call transfer, and conference calls to call recording and voice-to-text, every aspect of the customer-communication cycle is covered to help you convert calls to sales.

MightyCall Call Routing

Any business phone number

1-800, local, vanity, and international numbers. You can get these different numbers with your plan for free.

Live Customer support

Our customer support for custom phone numbers consists of real people with years of experience. Our chatbot isn’t there for show and we have numerous ways for customers to reach out if they need help.

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by and ready to help you!

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How do vanity numbers work?

Vanities can have toll-free or local numbers. Both rely on the keypad to form numbers from letters. While the area code is usually not included (though it can be, if your area code happens to be something you want to incorporate into the “letter” aspect of the number), the latter two sections of a number (XXX-XXXX) oftentimes are.

A number that only uses the latter section would be something like 1-888-123-DOGS, whereas one that uses the middle section as well could be 1-212-LUV-DOGS. While 2 does correspond to letters on the keypad (A, B, or C), it does not make the number inherently more memorable to write it as 1-A1A-LUV-DOGS. As a result, most vanity telephone numbers you will encounter usually just utilize the latter two sections.

What is the difference between a vanity phone number vs a toll-free number?

Vanities offer the ability to create easily memorizable numbers out of the letters on the keypad. This contrasts with toll-free phone numbers, which are free to call. 1-800 telephone numbers and vanity numbers are not mutually exclusive, look at them as additional functions that can be added to a number. 1-800 telephone numbers forward the bills towards the owner of the number, making communication free for those calling such a number, while vanity telephone numbers partially consist of letters. A vanity number can be 1-800.

Benefits of using vanity phone numbers

Easy to remember

The main selling point of a vanity telephone number for business. All people have to do is remember a word and they essentially have the entire number

Increased incoming call volume

The best way to get people to reach you is for them to know your business phone number. The best way for them to do that is to make it easy for them with a number that’s simple to remember


There are no quality free vanity telephone numbers in the market, but it’s cheap and accessible to call a vanity telephone number. You don’t have to dig deep in your wallet to pay for one. Plus, with all the extra features that come with them, you’ll find it a bang for your buck

Lots of options

A vanity number can be molded into exactly what your company needs. You can make them local or 1-800, and you can make them say anything you want within the word limit.


A vanity telephone number looks way better than someone’ s cell phone number when it comes to posters and advertisements. It will add professionalism and brand consistency to your image.

How can you use your vanity 800 number?

Depending on the kind of phone system you use, business owners can get lots of features along with the 800 number.

  • Business texting: Send and receive SMS and MMS using your business number.
  • Custom greeting: Upload a custom greeting and/or music on hold, or choose from our library
  • Visual voicemail: Get your voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to your email
  • Auto attendant: Add a simple menu (e.g. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Service) to help callers navigate departments and get information fast
  • Conference calls: Start calls and allow callers to be added to existing ones
  • Integrations: Connect your 1-800 number or another 1-800 area code to your favorite CRM platform

What is a local vanity number?

A local vanity telephone number allows its owner to pick an area code to associate with. This is often used for local market penetration by non-local companies and local businesses that want their customers to know that they are local. Outside of that, there is nothing too special about local phone numbers. Just like other vanity telephone numbers, this one will also allow its owner to combine letters and digits.

Can I get a local vanity phone number?

Yes, with MightyCall you can get a local vanity telephone number. Local easy dial numbers greatly increase your incoming calls by combining the ease of memorization provided by a number generator, which makes for easy dialing with the trust that a number with a local area code provides.

What is required for the implementation of vanity phone number, including equipment?

To put such a number into action, very minimal equipment is needed. There are some conditions you must fulfill, though:

  • A VoIP provider. Without using a VoIP service, you cannot have a number that is accessible via the internet.
  • A high-quality internet connection. We do not recommend using a speed of less than 100kbps.
  • A call-handling device. A computer, tablet, mobile phone, or softphone.
  • A headset.This piece of equipment is optional; however, with a headset, you can enjoy the improved audio quality and will also have both hands free.
  • A VoIP adapter. Analog audio streams are converted into digital IP packets by VoIP adapters. A VoIP adapter is necessary for all virtual 800 toll-free lines to function.
  • VoIP software or an online service. When making calls through a laptop or PC, you can use a web client. Using a cell phone, however, will require the use of an app from your VoIP provider.

Types of vanity phone numbers

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

With the purchase of a vanity 1800 number, the benefit of making your internet phone number instantly recognizable and easy to reach is doubled with the zero cost of an 1-800 number. Vanity 1800 numbers can therefore maximize the incoming call volume of your business just by their nature, without you even having to do extra work. Custom branded phone numbers starting with 1-800 and ending with some sort of letter pattern are truly the best of both worlds.

Toll-Free Easy Dial Numbers

These numbers starting with 1-800 are called “easy dial” because well, they’re easy to dial (no real mystery there). They’re also made of repeating digits, which makes them easy to remember. Business owners like these vanity 1-800 numbers because it makes it even more likely that customers will make contact. If you’re looking to buy a vanity number, you might want to get a number starting with 1-800 and ending with repeating digits.

Local Vanity Phone Numbers

People usually don’t like picking up calls from cell phone numbers or businesses they don’t recognize. But if you want your customers to increase their availability when deciding whether or not to pick up, a vanity telephone number to replace your old non-vanity number will benefit both your incoming and outgoing call strategy.

Local Easy Dial Numbers

Like the aforementioned easy dial phone numbers, local vanity numbers greatly increase your incoming calls by combining the ease of memorization provided by a number generator, which makes for easy dialing with the trust that a number with a local area code provides.

How much does a business vanity number cost?

You should be able to get a vanity number from somewhere around $10 USD. It will greatly depend on the operator you decide to go with.

Getting a vanity number from MightyCall is a win

There are lots of different telephony companies out there offering all plans. But when you look at the full picture, it’s clear that MightyCall offers the most well-rounded plans for all kinds of businesses. From a huge amount of features, many of which are available on the cheapest tiered plan, to professional customer service and flexible access. MightyCall provides clients with tangible benefits from an intangible number.

Other services from MightyCall

Work great for nationwide companies and / or those that want to encourage calls.

Connect with your community. MightyCall has numbers from every area code in the U.S.

Protect your personal number without compromising on business communications

Call around the world with low prices

Manage your calls through a Wi-Fi connection. On-the-go work has never been easier

Get a business phone number & full feature set without needing a second phone.

With an internet phone number, you’ll have better and easier access to every customer call.

Get better call coverage and dozens of VoIP phone number features for less than your personal cell plan


MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

See how MightyCall
can help your business

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way