Toll-free or local vanity numbers

Select a branded toll-free or any area code number at no extra charge.

Toll-free or local vanity numbers

Business numbers in MightyCall virtual phone system

MightyCall offers business access numbers (or DID numbers) to make and receive calls. Business numbers from MightyCall have the following outstanding features:

  • You can choose both local and toll-free numbers;
  • Local numbers in any area;
  • Toll-free numbers in 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 codes;
  • Great choice of about 1 million numbers;
  • Vanity numbers in all area codes. Convenient vanity numbers search;
  • Business numbers are virtual. You can use them with any telephone set;
  • Porting existing numbers;
  • Several DID numbers in one system;
  • Great feature set;
  • Acquire number and start to work in minutes.

What is a toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers suit businesses with customers from all over the country.

A toll-free number is a phone number with a special billing. For the caller, all calls to a toll-free number are free. Instead, a company that owns the number pays for such calls. This billing rule is the opposite of the billing of calls to usual local numbers.

MightyCall offers toll-free numbers in codes 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 with a mighty feature set.

The main values of toll-free numbers are:

  • lowering the barrier for customer calls;
  • demonstrating the high level of customer care, which increases client loyalty;
  • improving the image of the company: it looks more solid and reliable.

Toll-free or local vanity numbers

What is a vanity number?

A vanity number is a phone number with a digit sequence that is easy to remember.

MightyCall offers both local and toll-free vanity numbers.

MightyCall offers a convenient search tool to look for available vanity numbers.

You can use 3 ways to search vanity numbers.

  1. Search repeated digits or a special sequence of digits, e.g. 555, or 1234, or 3535.
  2. Search a sequence of digits with special memorizing meaning, e.g. 247 for 24/7 support service or 241 for “two for one” discount campaign.
  3. Search by phoneword usage, that is substituting digits by letters with the aid of telephone keypad. For example, a word ‘taxi’ means ‘8294’,‘PC’ means ’72’, etc…

Vanity numbers are used for marketing purposes:

  • They are easy to remember;
  • Vanity numbers can increase customer’s call volume;
  • A company with a vanity number looks better established.

What is a virtual number?

Both local and toll-free numbers provided by MightyCall are virtual. Such numbers are not tied to a particular telephone line and telephone set. They serve as access (or DID) numbers.

All calls to a virtual number are forwarded to one or more of user’s “real” phone numbers, such as landline phone numbers, mobile numbers, SIP numbers.

You can set up a MightyCall virtual number in minutes. You don’t need any hardware, software, or cable installation.

With MightyCall virtual numbers you can:

  • separate business and private life;
  • separate several projects;
  • set up virtual presence in regions where you don’t have an office;
  • provide remote office workers with a business l phone number;
  • get temporary numbers for marketing campaigns;
  • track the efficiency of different media channels and promotional campaigns.

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