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Call Center Solution for Financial Organizations

Top-notch communication outreach for experts working in finance

Highly rated by financial organizations
Highly rated by financial organizations

Local and toll-free numbers

Depending on your business strategies, add the types of numbers you need and manage them in one account

Call routing

Choose one of 9 routing options including call to group and call to queue to ensure every call gets answered

IVR aka Voice menu

Create a multi-level voice menu so you callers can choose the language at the first tier and reach the right people and departments at the second

Voicemail transcription

Don’t miss a business opportunity even when you’re busy or working–send calls to voicemail and look at the transcription later


If your customers prefer texting, use your business number to send reminders and confirmations with related files attached

Call recording

Access previous communication for any details and oversee your staff performance to guarantee best customer service

Reliable service to keep
your customers happy

MightyCall is continuously recognized as a G2 Leader at 4.5 stars due to its reliable & intuitive nature, exceptional customer support, and ease of setup

MightyCall user ratings:

Ease of use

VoIP average 8.7

Quality of support

VoIP average 8.7

Ease of setup

VoIP average 8.7

Why your financial organization should choose VoIP

Tailor call routing options to your business needs

With advanced call routing features like voice menu, call to group and call queue it’s easier to address client issues, provide assistance with banking services, process requests, and manage account-related inquiries. With MightyCall, you can direct incoming calls to the right place and assign a specific agent or group of agents to each scenario. 

MightyCall’s call flow builder

Send timely follow-ups and confirmations

Was your customer’s payment declined and you need to inform them? Use your business number to send messages or MMS, ensuring a professional and secure way of communication. This approach not only maintains the formality and credibility of your financial services but also offers a direct and convenient method to address sensitive issues like payment declines.

Improve campaigns with advanced analytics

MightyCall’s tools for analytics and reporting help you to track the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns, enabling data-driven adjustments for maximized conversion rates. With these capabilities, your team can adapt to market changes and client preferences, maintaining a competitive edge in client acquisition and retention. 

MightyCall's reports

MightyCall’s reports

Manage your team

Another aspect that our team is proud of is MightyCall’s ease of use, which allows teams to onboard new members without hassle. The system incorporates reports and call center metrics, fostering a motivated and results-driven work environment. Finance is not the only sphere where numbers matter, right? 

Serve different language speakers

Enhance your company’s multi-lingual appeal using MightyCall’s multi-level IVR that can help you create an advanced call flow that caters to a diverse client base: ‘press 1 for English and 2 for Español’, then directing to the right worker or next level of voice menu in the selected language. 

MightyCall Call Center Multi-level IVR

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way