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Toll-Free Numbers

Get a toll-free and local business phone number
with MightyCall

What Is a Toll-Free Number?

Toll-free numbers start with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 area codes, and mean that the call recipient pays for the call. This means that callers don’t have to worry about paying long-distance fees, sometimes even when calling from abroad. These types of numbers are preceded by a three-digit code, with the most well-known being an 800 number.

Many kinds of businesses choose 800 numbers or toll-free with other toll-free area codes, but they are most commonly used to increase sales, provide callers with information about the company, or in customer service. Toll-free phones are a popular option for businesses as they give them a sense of credibility in the eyes of customers.
Toll-free Numbers in Canada

Toll-free number codes in the US and Canada

Toll-free calls in the US and toll-free phones in Canada use the same codes. Currently, there are seven such toll-free prefixes, with the potential for more to be added in the future.

These codes are 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

Toll-free numbers availability

The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, assigns most toll free numbers on a first-come, first-served basis. Thus, availability plays a significant role in assigning toll-free phones. The first 800 business numbers came about in 1967, with others being introduced later as they grew in popularity. As of today, the 833 number was the most recently introduced.

How a Toll-Free Service Can Help Your Business

With a toll-free phone, you can:

Establish a national presence

A toll-free phone is not attached to a specific state, and therefore, it can be considered a nation-wide number that will clear you from any potential prejudice and make you appear as a large, professional company.

Help customers call you for free.

If your customer has to pay for every minute you take to put them on hold or figure out the necessary details, they may get agitated. Alleviate the concern by taking care of the financial side of the conversation.

Boost client satisfaction

Improve the professional look of your brand with a clean and free number. Having one will make your clients feel like they’ve invested in a professional upper class product.

Forward calls anywhere you like

The incoming calls placed at the toll-free forwarding number can be forwarded to your local agents. This feature will allow domestic and international expansion of your business.

Have a separate personal number and business contact number

Having a toll-free business phone will help you separate your personal life from work. This will result in a healthier work-life balance and increase your chances of success.

Benefit from extra call management features

VoIP toll-free numbers often come with a set of additional features that can be helpful for your business. Set up an IVR system, establish business hours, organize your processes visually, and much more.

The Value of Toll-free Numbers

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Toll-free phones are an essential feature of customer service. If you are providing customers with paid products, then helping them use these products should be a natural instinct. They gives your business a sleek and professional feel, enhancing your reputation.

How to Get a Toll-free Number?

  1. Find a toll-number provider;
  2. Choose the toll-free phone option your business needs: a domestic, vanity, or international toll-free phone digits;
  3. Select the number from the available pool;
  4. Complete the payment, and set up additional settings;
  5. Share the new number with your clients and start calling.

MightyCall’s toll-free numbers selection

Why Buy a Toll-free Number From MightyCall?

Your personal toll-free numbers are included for free in all plans

Enjoy the choice of the various available toll-free digits on any plan for free. Depending on the plan, you will also may get unlimited toll-free minutes.

Lots of extra features for your toll-number

Get access to dozens of features, none of which are per month extras. From team-oriented features like call forwarding, call transfer, and conference calls to call recording and voice-to-text, every aspect of the customer-communication cycle is covered to help you convert calls to sales.

business phone number by mightycall

MightyCall Business Phone System

World class security & reliability for your toll-free calls

Your conversation quality of all toll-free minutes will stand the test of time thanks to our 99.99% uptime, 24/7 network security, data encryption, and protection from robocallers.

Live customer support for your toll-free communication

Our customer support consists of real people with years of experience. MightyCall’s chatbot isn’t there for show and we have numerous ways for customers to reach out if they need help.

Competitive plan prices

With some of the lowest per user prices, MightyCall packages offer some of the best value on the market without a drop in call quality or feature set for toll-free subscribers.

Virtual toll-free control

Unlike bigger-name telecom companies that rent out their physical phones, MightyCall is all virtual and can be up and running in minutes.

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How Can I Port My Toll-Free Number?

After you figure out how to get a toll-free number, you can figure out how you can port it.

If you already have such a number, you may wonder whether or not it’s difficult to transfer it to MightyCall’s business phone system. But there’s no need to worry! Number porting through MightyCall is incredibly simple—and free of charge!

  1. First, there are some pieces of information you’ll have to get in order. Make sure you have a letter of authorization from your current provider, your contact details and payment info, alongside with the details regarding your number.
  2. Next, you should let your current provider know about the transfer.
  3. The next step is to submit a port request to our team.
  4. Wait for your request to go through. This could take as long as ten to fifteen days. During this time, do not cancel your ongoing contract.
  5. Get started with MightyCall!

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way

How Do Toll-free Numbers Work?

As far as the customer is concerned, toll-free works like any other virtual phone number. All a client has to do is dial the number as they would any other, including the three-digit prefix, and their call will go through without charge.

Business owners who use business phones can purchase toll-free numbers through either a VoIP service or a business communications solutions provider. Usually, an 800 phone service is paid for on a monthly basis.

In the past, their functionality was fairly limited. They could only be used to receive client calls and were most often handled by contact centers. Now toll-free number providers are far more sophisticated, offering their toll-free subscribers features like call recording, call forwarding, and so much more.

Who pays for a call to a Toll-Free phone number?

The charges for calls to a virtual 800 toll-free number will go directly to the account or company receiving toll-free calls. The call will be free for all landline callers and for mobile phone callers with an unlimited calling plan (depending on the provider). Business calls to a toll-free phone will use the caller’s available minutes.

What’s the Difference Between Toll-free and Local Numbers?

Local numbers are tied to a particular location. With a glance at your area code, customers can easily determine the town you’re calling them from. Toll-free codes, on the other hand, are not tied to any particular location. Besides, toll-free phone numbers are free for the caller, which makes them the natural choice for businesses with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Benefits Of Toll-free Numbers

Improve customer care

Helping your customers reach you for free from any location will make your business more appealing.

Often come with auto attendants

A secretary can only talk to one caller at a time; an auto attendant, being a program, can help multiple customers at once and get them to where they need to be instead of having them wait on hold.

Allow you to expand nation-wide

Having a local phone number is great, but at times it attaches location stereotypes to your business, making it more narrow. Toll-free phones do not have area codes, meaning that they do not bring any prejudice with them.

With MightyCall, it’s more than just a number

When you buy a toll-free number from MightyCall, you get a full set of free features and great customer service. Dozens of features, such as multi-level IVR, call recording, and the Business Contact Book become instantly accessible.

Are there any downsides to Toll-Free telephone numbers?

Here are a few downsides to using a toll-free phone:

  • Your phone bill will be increased, as you are taking care of your clients’ part of the bill as well.
  • It might be unnecessary if your business is strictly local.
  • You may have more unwanted calls.
  • A 1-800 number by itself typically won’t boost your profit.

Regarding the last downside, MightyCall will help you. We offer multiple phone numbers with every plan, so you can get as many toll-free digits as you want, or even one toll-free phone and one local number to cover all the possibilities. When you factor in the plethora of useful features we provide, your phone will become your business’s best friend.

Key Features of Toll-free Phone Number

Business call recording: Record calls to review important data or to use in operator training material.

Texting: Whether for accessibility reasons or personal preference, some clients would rather communicate via text than over the phone. When getting 800 numbers, you have that option.

International calls: Do you operate globally, or are you looking to do so in the near future? Not a problem! Both you and your clients benefit from an international toll-free number for business.

Call forwarding: With this feature, you can make sure that calls are assigned to the best person for the job.

Voicemail: For a company, voicemail is a must. Catch up on missed calls or refresh your memory before calling a client back.

IVR menu: Self-service menus come with many benefits. They improve the customer’s digital journey, help gauge client satisfaction, and provide support for the busiest hours of the workday. When you get a toll-free phone number from MightyCall, you can experience all these advantages and more.

Can I send and receive texts with my toll-free number?

Yes, with MightyCall you can. Text messaging is available for all numbers with MightyCall, while the majority of other VoIP providers only offer this feature for local numbers. You can send messages up to 140 characters or larger with three message parts.

What Is Required for the Implementation of Toll-free Service, Including Equipment?

Very little equipment is required to implement such a number. However, there are some requirements you will have to meet:

  • A high-quality internet connection. We do not recommend using a speed of less than 100kbps.
  • A VoIP provider. You cannot have an internet-based number without going through a VoIP service.
  • A device for fielding calls. For example, a softphone, cellular phone, or computer.
  • A headset.This piece of equipment is optional; however, with a headset, you can enjoy the improved audio quality and will also have both hands free.
  • A VoIP adapter. VoIP adapters transform analog audio signals into digital IP packets. All virtual 800 toll-free numbers require a VoIP adapter to work.
  • Special software or online toll-free service. When making calls from a laptop or PC, you can use these numbers via a web client. Using a cell phone, however, will require the use of an app from your VoIP provider. For example, you can check MightyCall apps.

Types of Toll-Free Numbers

Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

As the name would suggest, they are for domestic or national use only. Calls cannot be made to domestic numbers from abroad. This is a good choice for companies that are only interested in working within the country they are based. Usually, domestic numbers are cheaper than international ones.

Vanity Toll-Free Numbers

Vanity phone numbers feature letters as well as digits, usually spelling out a word. Because of this, they are much easier to remember than others. New companies that are still looking to make a name for themselves usually benefit the most from vanity numbers.

International Toll-Free Numbers

People can call you from overseas. This is ideal for companies that are looking to expand into other countries.

Type of number Main purpose Pros Cons
Domestic Establish a clientele within your country. One of the cheaper options available. Fewer restrictions than international numbers. You cannot receive international calls to a domestic number.
Vanity Makes numbers more memorable for clients More likely to stand out from more generic numbers. The specific word or phrase you’re after might not be available.
International Can be helpful when expanding your company overseas. Can often be bought from a VoIP service. Increases your international client base. International numbers are sometimes more expensive than others.

How much does a toll-free number cost?

Will a toll-free telephone number be more expensive than your regular service? Will you be able to afford it? Surprisingly, it is roughly in the same price range. The exact price will depend on the service you choose and the payment tier you subscribe to. There are multiple toll-free operators on the market, each with a unique feature set, and cost.

You will want to ensure you know the full price you will end up paying: study the hidden costs and add-ons services may try to conceal. Ideally, find a service with a free trial to see if the service is worth its money. Furthermore, some types of such business phone numbers cost more than others. If you are buying a toll-free number as part of a VoIP package, you will usually pay between $20 and $150 a month. Some providers, like MightyCall, will provide it for free with the plan.

So is Getting a Toll-Free Number a Good Idea?

Whether getting a toll-free number service is a good idea or not depends on your business goals. If you only have to handle a few local calls once in a while, it may be unnecessary. If your client base is ever expanding and so is your company, a toll-free phone will be a great benefit. Review your budget, evaluate your pros and cons, and do what’s best for your company.

Other services from MightyCall

1. Internet phone numbers

With an internet phone number, you’ll have better and easier access to every customer call.

2. Local numbers

Connect with your community. MightyCall has numbers from every toll-free prefix area code in the U.S.

3. Business numbers

Protect your personal number without compromising on professional communications

4. International numbers

Call around the world with low prices

5. Online phone numbers

Manage your calls through a Wi-Fi connection. On-the-go work has never been easier.

6. Virtual phone numbers

Get a work number & full feature set without needing a second phone.

7. VoIP numbers

Get better call coverage and dozens of VoIP phone number features for less than your personal cell plan.

8. Vanity numbers

Take the opportunity to brand your company with a word or phrase so customers remember you better

About Mightycall

MightyCall has been serving the small business community for nearly a decade, transforming into a streamlined engine that works for any company. With over 10,000 customers boosting their customer communications, MightyCall brings cutting-edge telephony tools to every corner of the continent.

Small and mid-sized company are the backbone of America, and MightyCall takes pride helping Main Street stay relevant against Wall Street.


MightyCall lets you run business communications your way:   Simple Efficient Organized

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MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way MightyCall lets you run business communications your way