Call queues

Receive all customer calls. Even if all your teammates are busy.

Call queues

What is call queue?

Sometimes a company can’t answer an incoming call because all employees are busy. When this happens, MightyCall can place the call in a queue. Instead of a busy tone, the calling customer is informed that operators can’t receive the call. Then the customer listens to on-hold music and waits for the response of an operator.

Business value of call queue.

The main purposes of a call queue are:

  • to reduce the number of missed calls;
  • to reduce the negative effect of the busy signal on the customer experience;
  • to provide different service levels for different customer groups;
  • and, as the result, to improve customer service.

How does call queue work?

MightyCall can support several call queues. Cloud PBX can divide the incoming call flow into groups on the basis of several parameters:

Each of these call groups can have its own call queue. For example, a queue of prospect calls to the sales team, a queue of regular customer calls to the support team, a queue of VIP customer calls to the support team, and so on.

In each queue, you have a sequence of calls that are handled in a FIFO (first in, first out) way. At the same time, each call queue has a designated team. The ACD (automated call distribution) system distributes calls from the queue between the team members on the basis of “freest first” algorithm.

When to use call queues?

The queue is used when a company receives more calls than it can handle. This is a frequent situation due to call flow irregularity throughout the day. In addition, there are bursts of traffic on holidays and during promotional campaigns. To answer all calls immediately during heavy hours, you need extra staff, who will have nothing to do most of the time. In addition, you need the appropriate number of telephone lines.

Such costs are not always reasonable. In most cases, in order not to lose the calling clients, companies set up call queues. The number of operators depends on the desired quality of service, for example, if you want 90% of clients to wait no more than 40 seconds.

To estimate the required number of agents, the expected queue depth, and quality of service you can use the Erlang model. But using statistics of the MightyCall business phone system is a more reasonable way for a small business.

Business value of call queue

The main purposes of a call queue are

  • to reduce the number of missed calls
  • to reduce the negative effect of the busy signal on the customer experience
  • to provide different service levels for different customer groups
  • and, as the result, to improve customer service.

Other, though less important, advantages are:

  • to reduce the cost of call handling
  • to receive more calls

Use case

Alice works in an online retailer as a sales team leader. She studied the statistics of received and missed calls, and call duration provided by MightyCall. Also, she took into account average purchase size.

«As a result, Alice estimated that the sales group should consist of 5 sales assistants to ensure a reasonable level of service during heavy hours. In this case, 70 % of calls will be answered immediately, and the remaining 30% will drop into a queue with a waiting time of no more than a minute. The rest of the day, only 3 persons are needed for receiving calls.
Alice set up a call queue for the sales team to reduce missed calls in heavy hours. She also established an operating schedule with 5 persons available during heavy hours and no less than 3 in non-heavy hours.»

For especially valuable returning customers Alice set up a special call queue which should be served by the most experienced teammates — Bob and Carol.

To control the quality of customer service, Alice, on a day-to-day basis, looks through the statistics provided by MightyCall: number of received and missed calls, average waiting time for an operator to answer.

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