Call queue

What is a call queue?

Sometimes a company can’t answer an incoming call because all the employees are busy. When this happens, the call goes to a queue (aka a line or ‘on hold’). Instead of a constant busy tone, the caller is informed that operators can’t currently answer the call. Music is played for the caller while they wait for someone to take their call.

You may not view call queues in the most positive light due to the way many corporations use them to intentionally frustrate you so you hang up, but when used to complement customer service, call queues have distinct business value.

Business value of call queue.

Call queues help to:

  • reduce the number of missed calls;
  • reduce the negative effect of the busy signal on the customer experience;
  • provide different service levels for different customer groups;
  • and, as the result, to improve customer service.

call queue

How does a call queue work?

Cloud virtual phone system can divide the incoming call flow into groups on the basis of several parameters:

Each of these call groups can have its own call queue. For example, a queue of prospect calls to the sales team, a queue of regular customer calls to the support team, a queue of VIP customer calls to the support team, and so on.

In each queue, you have a sequence of calls that are handled in a FIFO (first in, first out) way. At the same time, each call queue has a designated team. The ACD (automated call distribution) system distributes calls from the queue between the team members on the basis of a “freest first” algorithm to ensure low wait times.

When should you use call queues?

Call queues are normally used when a company receives more calls than it can instantly handle. Instead of employing more staff to handle holidays or peak hours, you can efficiently manage calls through better resource management.

Paying more workers than you normally need is a bad investment, and with MightyCall’s system performance reports, you can set up your system in a reasonable way with low wait times.

This leverages the best of both worlds: you don’t overextend your business and your customer service doesn’t suffer.

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