Call recording

What is call recording?

Call recording is an automatic system that records all your calls. Once you have the feature in your package, you don’t have to lift another finger for it to begin working.

Our call recording software is similar to many apps that fulfill the same function, but ours is just one link in a long chain engineered and programmed to make your business experience more convenient and enjoyable.

The system is the best of both worlds: simple enough for anyone to use and complex enough to efficiently record and catalogue a vast amount of information.

How does call recording work?

Firstly, call recording is unlimited, so if you’re worried that there is no way we can match your business’s output—rest easy! We’ll be beside you every second of every call!

You may be thinking, “How will I possibly sort through all of my phone calls if I need to? We’ve thought about that too, which is why every call is clearly organized. You can sort calls by date, caller, or length to make finding any conversation simple.

Even better, you can do all this straight from the mobile app, which means you have a wealth of information a few taps away at all times.

What uses does call recording have?

Not only is call recording great for organization, it’s also great for analysis. If sales are low or you want to highlight a trouble area, you can dig through those phone calls to see where things went wrong.

This self-analysis will help you drastically develop your team members and business. It will also help you clarify any potential disputes you may have with clients or partners by keeping an official record.

Everything’s smooth? It never hurts to double-check exactly what a customer said to ensure you’re keeping them happy.

Here are some additional uses of the feature:

  • Record keeping: Have a history of what your customers want
  • Control your sales associate: You can see how closely workers keep to a script
  • Train your staff: Help staff correct their mistakes or use good calls as training materials to show what they should be doing more of
  • Be in the loop: Know exactly what your customers think of you, your product, and your competitors so you can plan your business’s future

Is this legal?

  • When both parties have given consent for a conversation to be recorded, call recording is completely legal. Consent can be given in two ways:
  • The automated message at the start of a call that states, “This call may be recorded …” qualifies. If the person on the other end hears that message and doesn’t hang up, they have tacitly consented to call recording.
  • If you want to be a bit more open, you’re welcome to openly ask the other person if they are comfortable with the conversation being recorded

Call recording

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