Call recording

Record the talk so that no point is lost
Call recording

MightyCall call recording solution advantages

  • Unlimited call recording;
  • No need for additional devices and storage space for records;
  • Record filters and searching tools based on incoming/outgoing call direction, time period, employees, called business numbers, calling clients;
  • Search for and replay records from the mobile app;
  • Individual call recording settings for each business number or ‘call from site’ widget;
  • Separate activation for inbound and outbound calls;
  • Custom greetings and periodic tone warning about the recording;
  • Call recordings from the beginning of established connections or after replaying a basic greeting;
  • Integration with the built-in task manager (Activities). You can turn the recorded talks into the tasks and remember to fix it.

Business value of call recording

Call recording

Here are some examples of how MightyCall call recording solution can improve customer experience and increase sales.

  1. Record client requests
    You can record clients requests and handle them more precisely. It is especially important for calls taken on your mobile phone on the go.
  2. Improve the skills of team members
    With call recording, you can find individual or group mistakes in conversations with customers. How well do employees know your product? Are they being nice with customers? After that, you can deliver personal or group training course and sometime later check the results. Or you can do the opposite — record conversations of the most successful team members with customers and deliver training to others based on these recordings.
  3. Control script execution
    You have developed a great sales script, but your sales team doesn’t follow it? Well, then you will not see profits. Having conversations recorded, you can control the script execution.
  4. A lot of short talks and poor sales?
    Listen to the shortest talks. You will understand why the conversation doesn’t lead to sales.
  5. What is interesting to your customers?
    After listening to the recording, you will understand what product features are interesting to your clients. What is not enough? How do customers perceive your product? What do they think about the competitors? Learn everything first-hand.
  6. Resolve dispute situations
    Sometimes, disputes arise in any business. With the help of call recording you can convince the customers that you have accomplished their requests.

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