WebPhone to communicate via business number

Can you imagine that you don’t need a phone (none!) to communicate with clients via your business number?

MightyCall webphone is embedded into your service profile web panel. The webphone allows:

  • calls to be made and received on behalf of your business number,
  • to forward calls to another person,
  • the creation of conference calls, and
  • smooth communication within your team.

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  1. Communication with clients via your business number using internet browser
    There’s no need to have a phone to reach customers from your business number. Computer, internet access and headset – that’s all you need to talk.
    Get into the web panel and turn on the webphone, and you’re ready to make and receive calls.
    What’s more, you don’t need to stay on the phone tab to monitor calls. When the phone rings, you hear it and get notification no matter what site you’re visiting at that moment.
  2. Prompt processing of missed calls and voicemail
    All missed calls and voice messages get added to the integrated task list. MightyCall Activity queue has the option of a one-click call so that you can call a customer back directly from the logged call or voice message.
    Each task has a Call button – click on it, and the webphone automatically calls to the client.
  3. Workplace with the phone for all team members.
    Do you prefer to connect with clients together with your team? Invite your colleagues to use the service – webphone is available for any user. The service organizes both your internal and external communications. Customers will receive calls from your business number, but not from private numbers of your managers.
    Plus, you can call any colleague who uses the service with just one click. No need to know his/her phone number, the webphone already has a contacts directory with all service users.
  4. Additional features for communications
    Would you like to transfer the call to a colleague?
    Do you need time to consult with an expert and then return to the client’s call?
    What if a teleconference is required?
    Do you need to switch between conversations?
    Webphone easily allows all these features. You can set it using the straightforward, user-friendly menu.

Related features

  • Softphone to make and receive calls

    With MightyCall you can use not only embedded webphone for client communications, but also external software telephone, for example, X-lite.

  • Call forwarding

    Not permanently tied to the computer? Don’t worry about missing calls. You can set call forwarding to any device (or phone number). Plus, you can set the call order, for example, at first the call rings on the webphone, then on your mobile.

  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)

    MightyCall application supports receiving and making calls on behalf of your business number. It forms the second phone line for communication with customers.

  • Conference calls

    While using webphone you can transfer a call to a colleague, make an internal call for expert support, or create a conference – all just in one click.

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