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Line2 gives users the convenience of a second phone line with a set of basic VoIP features.

While it’s convenient “lite” VoIP software for personal use, using Google Voice for business is like putting a foot into the wrong shoe: you can pretend it fits, but not for long.

So, you’ve decided you want a VoIP phone service. Maybe you’re in Vancouver, starting out with your own small business. Maybe you just want another number to use when arranging rare coin sales over eBay from your home in Ontario. Maybe you work for an office in St. John’s, and your boss decided to get…

In this article we cover: Google Voice’s history & shortcomings MightyCall’s functionality and features Why MightyCall is a better choice to help you run your business Special offer on MightyCall Google Voice can’t help you the way MightyCall can In the not-so-recent past the majority of people considered voice-over-IP technology an unexplored novelty suitable only…

With Nextiva you only get long-term contracts, spam chatbots asking for your phone number, and a VoIP system that is simultaneously more expensive than average and less flexible.

It’s paramount to understand that VirtualPBX’s prices are per user. That means that unless you’re a solo entrepreneur, you should (at the least) double those prices before asking if they hold the best available value on the market.