Our Favorite Softphones for Windows

For business owners who’re constantly on the go, work remotely or have a distributed team, the ability to make and receive calls from any internet-connected device at hand is critical. Making calls from your laptop isn’t just convenient. It can save you money on mobile operator costs and more. This is where softphones come in.

A softphone is a “software phone” which is basically an app on your computer (laptop or desktop) that features a virtual dial pad and additional functionality to make and receive calls. Softphones for Windows range from basic models that allow to make calls and send texts to advanced ones with features like call forwarding, call recording, call menus, and more.

In order to work, all softphones need an internet or Wi-Fi network and must be connected to a virtual phone system (VoIP) provider.

All of the softphones for Windows below work perfectly with MightyCall’s virtual phone system and can be set up in just a few minutes. Read on or jump to the final section where we talk about VoIP/softphone compatibility to learn about setup.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best softphone for Windows.

1. Linphone

linphone softphone for mac and windows

Screenshot via Linphone

  • Capterra rating: 4.2
  • Pricing: Free

What’s quite special about Linphone is that it’s open-source software so developers can modify and even rebrand it, or book those services from Linphone’s development team. IT businesses can learn more about Linphone licensing and services here. The only downside to this free softphone is the slowness of upgrades, including both tech and UI improvements.

Choose the most cost-effective VoIP providers for the softphone of your choice.

Linphone softphone main features

✅ Audio calling

✅ Video calling

✅ Chat/messaging

✅ Call and chat history

✅ Call transfer

✅ Contacts

✅ Presence indicators

✅ File sharing

✅ Call recording

✅ Multiple accounts

✅ Mobile app

❌  Upgrade to pro version

2. 3CX Softphone 

3cx softphone for windows

Screenshot via 3CX

  • Capterra rating: 4.5
  • Pricing: Free version ($0 for up to 32 users with limitations [see below]) Pro version ($1.08 per user/month)

3CX softphone is a comprehensive solution for businesses in search of connectivity to their VoIP phone system from the comfort of desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.

The service runs both in the Cloud on all operating systems, but as desktop software on Windows only. 3CX softphone does offer a constantly developing web client and incredibly useful Chrome extensions.

The Pro version includes compatibility with Microsoft office, native CRM, plus features like call queues, call recording, and call reporting. On the other hand, a VoIP phone system like MightyCall already bundles those features into its functionality so there’s no need to pay twice.

3CX softphone main features

✅ Audio calls

✅ Video calls

✅ Messaging

✅ Presence indicators

✅ Contacts

✅ Call history

✅ Multiple accounts

🔐  Call recording (only Pro plan)

🔐  CRM (only Pro plan)

✅ Chrome extension

✅ Mobile App

✅ Upgrade to pro version


3. Bria softphones

bria phone for mac and windows

Screenshot via Counterpath

  • Capterra rating: 4.3
  • Pricing: Bria Solo Free ($0); Bria Solo ($35/year), Bria Teams (starting from $59/year); Bria Enterprise (contact sales)

Bria (formerly X-Lite) is another softphone that’s compatible with most VoIP providers, including MightyCall. Bria offers four solutions for different-sized businesses or individuals. Bria Solo Free and Bria Solo are made for freelancers and solopreneurs, while Bria Teams is the solution for multiple users.

Admittedly, compared to its competitors Bria Solo Free does have quite limited functionality, but it’s the simple choice for anyone who needs basic software to make/receive calls from their laptops and mobile phones, with multi-device and multi-platform support, and a chance to upgrade later.

Do you need a webphone or softphone? Learn about webphones here.

Bria softphone main features

✅ Audio calls

🔐 Video calls (not available on Bria Solo Free plan)

🔐 Messaging (only for Bria Teams)

🔐 Screen sharing (only Bria Teams)

✅ Contacts

✅ Call history

🔐  Presence indicators (only Bria Teams)

🔐  File sharing (only Bria Teams)

🔐  Call recording (only Bria Teams)

✅  Mobile App

✅ Upgrade to Pro version

4. MicroSIP softphone

microsip softphone for windows

Screenshot via MicroSIP

  • Capterra rating: 3.8
  • Pricing: Free

MicroSIP softphone is another free, open-source softphone, presently available only for Windows OS users. One of its most attractive characteristics is the standard functionality of softphones bundles into the free format, and its lightweight presence on your hard drive (>2.5MB) and RAM usage (>5MB). MicroSIP is a good choice for business owners doing most of their calling in-office (whether that’s your home or not), since MicroSIP doesn’t currently have a mobile app.

MicroSIP softphone main features

✅  Voice calling

✅  Video calling

✅  Voicemail

✅  Call forwarding

✅  Messaging

✅  Contacts

✅  Presence indicators (if supported by SIP server)

✅  Call history

✅  Call recording

❌  Mobile app

❌  Upgrade to Pro version

VoIP/softphone compatibility

webphone mightycall

MightyCall’s built-in webphone. Screenshot via MightyCall.com

All of the softphones discussed above were designed for maximum compatibility with a variety of Voice over IP (VoIP) providers. However, we suggest to always confirm with your particular VoIP service whether the softphone of compatible with your service. Please do this before paying for subscriptions or buying any products.

MightyCall business VoIP is compatible with most standard softphones for Windows as well as softphones for Mac.

Here’s how to set up softphones with MightyCall. Should you not want to pay anything extra for a softphone, MightyCall also has a built-in webphone and Mobile App. This means you can call straight from your browser or mobile phone without downloading a third-party softphone.

Give MightyCall’s virtual phone system a free try and experience the freedom to talk business from any place, anytime.

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