Call forwarding

Forward incoming calls to any number and device with sequential or parallel ringing.

Call forwarding

What is call forwarding

When MightyCall virtual phone system receives a call, it automatically redirects the call to ‘real’ phone numbers tied to physical phone sets. It can be a set of mobile or fixed-line numbers, VoIP numbers, or voicemail.

MightyCall selects where to forward the incoming call depending on various conditions:

  • caller number
  • time of day
  • the number that was dialled
  • IVR information
  • whether a team member is able to answer the call and so on.

You can easily set these rules in your personal area of the MightyCall account (See visual flow configuration below).

You can use call forwarding both in personal and company communications.

In personal communications, the virtual phone system forwards incoming calls directly to you. In this case, your phone sets can ring sequentially or in parallel.

When MightyCall forwards an incoming call to a group, you can use 4 methods to distribute the call between teammates:

  • simultaneous
  • round-robin (circular)
  • sequential (by qualification)
  • freest first

Call forwarding

Use cases

John Smith, entrepreneur.
John subscribed to the MightyCall virtual phone system to get a number for his new consulting project. He does his business alone. John opened the visual configuration tool of MightyCall and typed in his home number, office number, and mobile number. John also set the following rules to handle incoming calls.

«During business hours, incoming calls are forwarded to his home, office, and mobile numbers. All phone sets must ring in parallel.
After hours, incoming calls are forwarded to his office phone and voicemail sequentially.»

Jane Smith, customer service representative

Jane receives calls in office via MightyCall web-based softphone (webphone). When a customer needs support, he calls her company’s virtual number and presses “1” after the IVR greeting. Since Jane is the most qualified member of the customer service team, the virtual phone system forwards the call to Jane first. If Jane is unable to take the call, it is forwarded to other teammates.

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