Multiple extensions

Every MightyCall plan offers unlimited user extensions.

What is an extension?

An extension is a short internal number assigned to an employee, a project team, or a department of your main business number. If someone calls your number looking for a specific worker or with a specific need, they can automatically be routed to the appropriate place.

Since MightyCall uses cloud technology, we are able to offer every customer unlimited extensions to accommodate any sized business.

Multiple Extensions

How exactly does the routing to extensions work?

For example, if a customer calls your business, they will be given a quick call directory. If they enter the extension ‘8’ to talk to the manager, the MightyCall phone system will forward this call to every device connected to the manager – his/her actual (landline or mobile) numbers, web phones, and the MightyCall mobile app. All these devices then ring, either simultaneously or in sequence, until the call is answered.

When a customer enters the extension ‘1’ to get the sales team, MightyCall distributes this call among the sales team members to whichever one of 4 available algorithms you’ve chosen:

  • simultaneous
  • round-robin (circular)
  • sequential (by qualification)
  • freest first.

It is easy to add extensions with MightyCall?

Unlike a common virtual phone system, you can easily scale your MightyCall virtual phone system up and down. You don’t need to buy additional modules and accounts to add employees. And you won’t lose your investment if you scale down later. With MightyCall, you can add or delete extensions in a matter of minutes by filling out this quick window as seen below.

Multiple Extensions

What are extensions used for?

Having extensions is important for a phone system with several users.

  • Improved customer experience and customer service: your customers gain the ability to call a particular employee or group directly by dialing the extension.
  • Better internal communications between team members: you can call or transfer a call to a co-worker by tapping a short internal number. It is important for team collaboration, especially with remote and mobile teammates.
  • More convenient and cheaper communications with remote offices: you can create remote sales, service, or engineer teams with common extensions for better customer service.
  • Finally, extensions help you manage calls in an easier, more convenient, and error-free way.

Multiple Extensions


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