Custom Greeting

Set custom personal and company greetings for different callers and different situations.

Custom Greeting

What is custom greeting

MightyCall virtual phone system can automatically greet your calling clients and inform them about something. You can use both predefined standard voice greetings or set your own custom greetings.

How to make a custom greeting

If you prefer custom greetings, you can easily add them when you sign in to your MightyCall account.
To do it, you can upload your greeting from a computer (mp3, WMA, WAV) or record it via a phone.

How to make voice greeting for various situations

With MightyCall virtual phone system, you can use different voice greeting for various situations. For example:

  • You can use different greetings for VIP customers, regular customers, or “black list” callers.
  • Or you can use different greetings in business and non-business hours.
  • Moreover, you can use different voice greetings for the company and for each employee.

In the latter case, you can set different greetings for “Do not disturb”, “busy” and “no answer” statuses.

Along with voice greetings, you can easily configure custom on hold music and ringback tones.
A voice greeting is an essential part of a voice menu (IVR, auto attendant) system.

Custom Greeting

What are voice greetings used for?

Voice greetings add the following business values:

  • Professional image of your company
  • A good impression on your customers
  • Automatic information about working hours of your company, its location, upsets and emergencies and so on
  • Better customer experience

Use cases

In the evening, Alice calls XYZ company and hears:
«Welcome to XYZ. It is after business hours, and our office is closed.
Tomorrow we start work at nine.
Press 1 to reach the on-duty engineer, press 2 if you want to leave a voice message.»

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