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Custom Greeting

    Set custom personal and company greetings for different callers and situations.

    Custom Greeting

    Why bother with custom greetings?

    If you want to make a good first impression, custom greetings are a fantastic yet simple way to starting off on the right foot with your clients. Greetings aren’t one-size-fits-all either, as you can use different greetings depending on who the caller is and when the call comes in.

    Additionally, setting up a professional call menu (Press ‘1’ for Sales, Press ‘2’ for Support, etc.) will make your client calls more efficient. But you don’t have to trade personalization for efficiency the way big businesses often do, because all of the call routes in your system can have their own custom messages.

    Recording a custom greeting

    • On the MightyCall dashboard, go to ‘Settings’ & then ‘Configure Call Flows’
    • Click the ‘Greeting’ Box
    • From there you can upload an audio file from your computer or record a new greeting with your phone
    • Make sure to save the changes and hit ‘OK’

    Once you’ve done that, you can control your greetings straight from the ‘Settings’ page.

    The business value of custom greetings

    MightyCall’s custom greeting system lets you stay on top of things. You can use different greetings for different callers as well as for different steps within your call flow—for voicemail, waiting to be connected to a specific extension, after business hours, etc.

    This variety ensures that your caller’s experience feels authentic and organized.

    Beyond that, whether you have a small store in your area or are building online business that fills a certain niche, this is a critical chance for you to inject some personality into the business. Customers will recognize this, and hopefully, come away with more distinct and positive views of your company.

    Another feature that runs in tandem with custom greetings is music on hold. This is the feature that plays selectable music for callers in case a company’s phone lines are all busy. The stats regularly affirm that music on hold increases the amount of time people are willing to wait, giving you more sales opportunities.

    Using music on hold and ringback tones

    Custom Greeting

    Beyond the basic value, MightyCall allows you to use your own Music on Hold and Ringback Tones.

    Our Music on Hold option lets you customize the music callers hear when they’re on hold during a call or in a call queue. Hopefully this means callers don’t have to suffer through the same jingles and songs they’ve experienced calling big businesses.

    A Ringback Tone is an indicator that a caller hears while the call is being placed. This essentially lets them know that they haven’t yet been connected or disconnected.

    To change either, follow these steps:

    • Go to your MightyCall Profile
    • Open the ‘Greetings & Media’ section
    • To change your hold music or ringback tone, click the ‘Add Greeting’ button and choose what you like
    • Save your changes

    Maximize your greetings

    Want a special touch for your customers? MightyCall’s Ultimate plan includes a professional voice studio greeting so you’ll make the best first impression possible. That means no suffering through 50 takes of a single sentence—let the professionals handle the voice work and you handle the business transactions that are sure to follow.

    virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

    4 out of 5 stars

    virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

    4.2 out of 5 stars

    virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

    4.7 out of 5 stars

    virtual phone systemvirtual phone system

    4.2 out of 5 stars

    virtual phone system

    “I love that I can set up my business hours and
    receive calls only during those hours.
    I like that I’ve been able to keep business and personal separate.”

    Sandra Balzola. Red Sand Studios, LLC.

    virtual phone system
    virtual phone system

    “When we drive out and about my wife can still take customer service calls, take orders, all while we’re driving across Indiana. Having MightyCall has given us total freedom.”

    Mitch Rezman. Vice President, Windy City Parrot

    virtual phone system
    virtual phone system

    “MightyCall saves us up to six times what it costs us.
    That’s a no-brainer for me.”

    Will Schinagl. Simple Stroller Rental

    virtual phone systemvirtual phone system
    virtual phone system

    “Cannot go wrong with this service. We've been using them for over a year. The system has eliminated all robo calls.”

    Varga Gulshani. Elegant Painting

    virtual phone systemvirtual phone system


    Do you have a mobile app?

    Do you support all SIP phones? How to connect SIP?

    Can I customize the voicemail greeting?

    Yes, you can either record your own greeting or download something from your computer.
    The maximum file size is 10Mb.

    Do you provide voicemail to text transcription?

    Yes, voicemail to text transcription is available on the Standard and Ultimate plans. You can read voicemails in the mobile app or in the webpanel.
    Voicemail transcriptions are also automatically sent to your email.
    More information about voicemail transcription is here:

    Can I export my call log history?

    Yes, call export is possible in 2 formats: xls and csv.

    Is there a limit on the number of calls that I can record?

    No. our call recording feature is connected to your MightyCall Cloud, so you can record all your calls without worrying about storage space.
    Call recording is included in our Standard and Ultimate plans.

    Can I set up business hours using your service?

    Do you provide an option to block callers?

    Do you offer some sort of dashboard to monitor my team performance?

    Yes, the dashboard and corresponding statistics are available in all our plans.
    MightyCall shows you the 5 most essential statistics of your business in the Key.
    Performance Indicators and Volume sections:

    • Connected vs. Missed Calls Report
    • Average Speed of Answer & Average Talk Time Report
    • Incoming & Outgoing Calls Report
    • Internal Calls Report
    • Voicemails report

    More information about the dashboard is here: https://www.mightycall.com/features/performance-reports/

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