MightyCall or Grasshopper?

AlternativesGrasshopper vs MightyCall

Why should you choose MightyCall over Grasshopper? Well, for starters…

  • When you subscribe to MightyCall, you don’t only get a virtual number, you also get access to the cutting-edge cloud IP PBX
  • MightyCall is more feature-rich. See details
  • MightyCall is cheaper by 20—100%. See details
  • MightyCall manages client requests received not only by calls but also by emails, web forms, Facebook, Twitter.

…but there’s more. Take a look at these comparative charts.

MightyCall logo


Price per month $ 19,99* $ 29**
Local or Toll-free numbers 2 1
Multiple extensions Unlimited 3
Minutes Included 1 000 Unlimited
Existing number transfer Yes, for free $30
Text messages Unlimited $10 per user
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Conference calling Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes Yes
Availability status Yes No
Custom main greeting Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes
Transcribed voicemails No $10
Internal calls Yes No
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes No
Click-to-Call Widget Yes Yes
Contact Us Widget Yes No
Call Back Widget Yes No
Social Media tracking Yes No
International numbers $10 extra No
International Calls Yes, pay-as-you-go Per request ($500 deposit)
*Basic plan **Solo plan

Both services are inexpensive, but overall, MightyCall is the cheaper option.

Want more? See our superstar prices.

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MightyCall’s essential components which Grasshopper is missing:

IP telephony

What is better — traditional or IP telephony? Calls through PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) have better quality if you have poor internet, but IP telephony is usually much more functional. Considering the tradeoff, it’s better for a service provider to have both.

MightyCall does, while Grasshopper does not.

Internal calls

MightyCall users can make and transfer calls to colleagues through short internal numbers, as well as to users of any virtual phone system.

Grasshopper users can’t.

Click-to-call widget

The fastest way to turn your website visitors into customers. There’s no need for visitors to even leave the site page to type the number into their phone! Mobile site visitors will flock to this feature in droves. Learn more -> Click-to-call widget on your website

Call-back requests

With a click website visitors can make a request for a callback, leaving their number and desired time for the callback. Learn more -> Call-back requests from your website

Contact us widget

The “Contact us” widget for a website is easy to install and portrays your business information in an easy-to-read, crisp way. Your clients will be able to send either a call-back request or emails, and can call you directly from the website.

Social media connector

The social media connector, as well as the integration of email and web forms, enables you to check client requests from phone calls, Facebook, or Twitter and respond from one place. Your calls, emails, direct messages, and mentions on social media will automatically be turned into ‘tasks’ and added to the activity queue so you won’t miss an important message.

Available only in MightyCall virtual phone system!


With MightyCall you don’t need a phone (none!) to communicate with clients via your business number. MightyCall’s webphone is embedded into your service profile web panel. The webphone allows you to:

  • make and receive calls through your business number,
  • forward calls to someone else,
  • create conference calls,
  • communicate smoothly with your team.

Available only in MightyCall virtual phone system!

conference call

Availability status

A MightyCall user can set their personal status as “available” or “do not disturb” to inform colleagues whether he/she is ready to receive a call.

This is convenient for internal communications: everyone can see whether his/her teammate is available to talk and it makes the customer experience better. Since MightyCall doesn’t forward incoming calls to busy managers, the time taken to answer is reduced.

Flexible Call distribution

Don’t confine your business’s possibilities; with Flexible Call Distribution you can adjust how your company fields phone calls to maximize your operation. Whether you want an equal approach of either all your phones ringing simultaneously or ringing in circular order through your staff, or you’d prefer to route calls directly to managers or available workers, Flexible Call Distribution ensures you have control.

call queue

Existing number transfer

MightyCall offers a lot of numbers to choose from, both local and toll-free.
But if you already have a virtual number that you like and is working for your business, we’re more than happy to port it into MightyCall for free so you can keep using it.