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Business Phone Features
CRM Calling

CRM Calling

Unite your communications with MightyCall’s CRM calling

Merge telephony and customer data into a single interface within MightyCall’s Customer Relationship Management system.

What is CRM calling?

CRM calling is one of the most used call center tools, transforming how agents interact with customers. It integrates customer data and communication channels into a single platform. This feature allows agents to access detailed customer profiles during calls, enabling them to offer highly personalized service. Specifically, CRM calling enables agents to dial contacts individually from a curated list, ensuring each interaction is informed by previous interactions, preferences, and customer history.

This integration allows immediate access to customer data during calls, enabling personalized interactions and effective issue resolution. By consolidating call activities and customer information in one place, this type of calling provides a clear view of customer interactions, fostering better communication, increased productivity, and stronger customer relationships.

How to set up CRM calling with MightyCall

  1. Navigate to CRM integration: Log in as an administrator and go to the “CRM integration” section, then click on “My integrations.”
  2. Access the service settings: Find the integration panel, for example, Hubspot, and click the “Settings” button to open the settings page.
  3. Adjust general settings: In the “General Settings” section, choose your preferences for handling numbers or contacts not existing in the CRM service, such as creating a new contact. Also, toggle the click-to-call option according to your needs.
  4. Activate or deactivate integration: Use the toggle button to enable or disable the integration. Ensure at least one business number is connected for the integration to function correctly.

Remember to reauthorize your CRM account if necessary and manage your business numbers by adding or disconnecting as needed.

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How does the CRM calling software work?

CRM calling integrates your software with your telephony system, simplifying the process of calling directly within the interface. Here’s an overview of how it works, in stages:

  • Integration setup: The telephony system is configured to work with the CRM platform. This step allows for communication between the two systems.
  • Data synchronization: After integration, the CRM and telephony systems sync data. Contacts become accessible through the telephony system, and call activities are recorded in the CRM records.
  • Making calls: Users can initiate calls from within the CRM by clicking on contact numbers. This action prompts the telephony system to start the call through the user’s connected device.
  • Receiving calls: Incoming calls are matched with CRM records using the caller’s number. Information about the caller appears to the user, providing context for the interaction.
  • Call logging: Details of the call, including duration, outcome, and notes, are automatically saved into the CRM. This ensures a complete record of communication with each contact.

MightyCall & CRM integrations


Best for: Businesses looking to automate workflows between apps without direct integrations.

Price: Offers a free plan; paid plans start based on the number of tasks and workflows.

Zapier enables automation by connecting your favorite apps, such as CRM, email, and project management tools, allowing for a consistent data flow and task automation. It serves as a versatile tool for businesses aiming to organize operations without the need for custom coding. Key integrations include over 2,000 apps, facilitating a wide range of automated workflows tailored to your business needs. Integrating Zapier with MightyCall allows for higher productivity, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to automate their processes.

Salesforce Service Cloud

CRM calling Banner MightyCall displaying the call center interface in Salesforce with a client's profile on it

Best for: Businesses of all sizes requiring extensive functionality and strong integrations.

Price: Starts at $25/user/month.

Salesforce Service Cloud offers calling CRM features including powerful integrations and AI capabilities, making it ideal for businesses looking for advanced customer service tools. Key integrations include Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Slack.


MightyCall displaying the call center interface in Hubspot with a client's profile on it

Best for: Small businesses and startups looking for a solution.

Price: Free, with CRM Suite plans starting at $1,600/month for a team of five paid users.

HubSpot provides a free CRM with email marketing, contact, and deal management features, suitable for businesses needing an all-in-one marketing platform. It integrates well with Gmail, Outlook, Slack, and Zapier.

Zoho Desk

Best for: SMBs looking for an affordable ticketing system.

Price: Starts at €14/user/month.

Zoho Desk offers ticket management, social media integration, and AI capabilities, making it a great choice for businesses wanting to improve their customer service process. It integrates with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Zapier.

Reasons to use the CRM calling feature

  • Improved caller engagement: Access real-time customer data to customize conversations and meet caller needs more directly.
  • Greater operational success: Enable automatic logging of calls and scheduling of follow-ups, allowing agents to accurately manage more calls.
  • Smarter call prioritization: Arrange inbound and outbound calls based on customer significance, history, and potential impact, ensuring priority interactions are addressed quickly with the CRM calling systems.
  • Detailed performance analytics: Examine call data for trend identification, agent evaluation, and strategy refinement, supporting informed decision-making.
  • Integrated tool use: Merge calling features with existing databases and communication platforms, offering agents a consolidated interface for customer interactions.

Use cases

CRM calls integrate with businesses across various sectors, improving communication, customer service, and sales efforts. Here are three distinct industries and how they benefit from this feature:

Real estate

Real estate agents depend on strong relationships and timely follow-ups. Automatically logging calls ensures no interaction is missed. It enables personalized follow-ups with potential buyers based on their preferences and interaction history, leading to improved engagement and higher conversion rates.


For e-commerce platforms, understanding customer behavior and preferences is crucial. CRM call feature allows detailed tracking of customer interactions, enabling support teams to provide personalized assistance and sales teams to adjust their pitches based on customer history. This results in visibly higher satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increased sales.


In the healthcare industry, maintaining patient relationships and managing appointments in a timely manner are key. CRM calling software helps healthcare providers automate appointment reminders and follow-ups, reducing no-shows and ensuring patients receive the care they need. It also allows for quick access to patient history during calls, improving the quality of care through better-informed conversations.
Each of these industries faces unique challenges that correctly chosen solutions address, improving operational quality, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business outcomes.

Features to look for in CRM calling

Have everything in one place

As we’ve seen, a call center CRM integration is one of the essential features for businesses focused on improving their customer service and operational performance. By integrating detailed customer insights and simplified communication processes, it empowers teams to deliver superior service. Adopting CRM with calling is about setting your call center apart in a competitive landscape. Now is the time to explore calling solutions. Don’t let your call center fall behind—investigate CRM today and transform your customer connections.

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