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RingCentral is an industry leader, but it is so much better for big business. Their Small Business plans are even more expensive now than before, and the pay per user structure will never benefit small businesses. You either limit your system’s scalability to keep prices down or have to accept a massive bill for a system that hopefully provides the same or more value.

RingCentral still insists on pushing annual contracts on customers. They offer a 7-day free trial, but that is not close to being enough time to comfortably hand over 12 months of pay.

Here are the monthly prices for their Small Business plans (these numbers are per user!):

  • $29.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 100 toll-free minutes;
  • $34.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 1,000 toll-free minutes;
  • $44.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 2,500 toll-free minutes; and
  • $59.99 for 1 number, unlimited texting, and 10,000 toll-free minutes.

Even worse? RingCentral heavily “suggests” renting or buying special hardware (phones and equipment) to maximize your use of the system. If you read the fine print on their site, you’ll notice that you have to rent the equipment (at higher rates) unless you sign a multi-year contract (pretty manipulative, right?) That means you can’t set the system up entirely within an afternoon and your upfront cost will be hundreds of dollars.

With MightyCall, the pricing plans are simple and straightforward and access to the unlimited extensions and multiple phone numbers included in every plan mean you don’t need to compromise on teamwork:

  • $29.99 for 2 numbers (toll-free and local), 1 000 texts, and 1 000 toll-free minutes;
  • $49.99 for 5 numbers (toll-free and local), 2 000 texts, and unlimited minutes, mini-CRM;
  • $99.99 for 15 numbers (toll-free and local), 5 000 texts, and unlimited minutes, mini-CRM and API integration.

With MightyCall there are no per user charges!

Why MightyCall is the best alternative to RingCentral for small business?

RingCentral is a giant, arguably the most influential company in the VoIP industry, but that also makes them the most corporate. They don’t care about individual customers—as evidenced by long-term contracts and cancellation fees—they care about money, above all else. MightyCall, with the massive addition of our Contact Book PLUS, is here to help small businesses with a CRM-esque system that is affordable, streamlined and effective. Even better? Even with this paradigm-shifting feature, we aren’t raising prices.

  • MightyCall doesn’t require any hardware. RingCentral “suggests” renting or buying special hardware (phones and equipment).
  • You can set up MightyCall and start calling within 10 minutes. RingCentral requires “Professional Implementation”.
  • We don’t trap you in long-term contracts.
  • We give you unlimited users and extensions. With RingCentral you pay additionally full price for each user.
  • Our plans have more minutes and cheaper minutes.
  • Our plans have far more features.

Compare RingCentral vs MightyCall



Price per month$ 49.99 flat$ 29.99/ user 
Local or Toll-free numbers51
Minutes IncludedUnlimited100
Long-term contractNoYes
Additional hardwareNoYes
Text messages2 000Unlimited
UsersUnlimited for free$ 29.99 per user
Call forwardingYesYes
Business hoursYesYes
Call recordingYesNo
Call queueYesYes
Business contactsYesYes
CRM functionalityYesNo
Caller IDYesNo
Availability statusYesNo
Webphone for In/Out CallsYesNo
Click-to-Call WidgetYesNo
Contact Us WidgetYesNo
Call Back WidgetYesNo
Social Media trackingYesNo
Custom main greetingYesNo
*Standard plan**Essentials plan

RingCentral is a good, reliable system, but it doesn’t work as seamlessly as it could for small businesses, and its Small Business options don’t measure well against competitors.

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Source: Capterra

If you’re already a RingCentral (or any virtual phone system) user and you want to give us a try, we can port in your existing virtual number for free to get you started. With MightyCall, you don’t just have a virtual phone system with some features, you have a transportable communication center for you and your business.

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