If you are new to the world of virtual phone systems and hearing about dial-by-name for the first time, it is exactly what it sounds like. You don’t have to worry about remembering every extension anymore.

    Just enter the first or last name of the person you want to call and let the system do the rest.

    How Does Dial-By-Name Work?

    Dial-by-name, one of dozens of free features MightyCall offers, allows your callers to enter the first 3-4 letters of the name of who they want to call. The dial-by-name auto attendant checks for the validity of the information entered, and if incorrect, replies with something like, ‘We were not able to find the name you have entered, please try again.’ Press the * key to try again.

    If everything is correct, the caller can connect by pushing the # key. You can bypass the auto attendant if you’re certain of the name or number.

    What Are the Benefits of Dial-By-Name?

    Your callers can find you more easily, but that’s not all! Other benefits dial-by-name has to offer:

    • You can set up a directory and all your employees can be reached by callers once they are in this directory.
    • There is an auto attendant or voice receptionist that serves as an assistant.
    • You can easily make changes to the settings.
    • You can select the extensions you want to be in your directory, and you can deny access to any staff you don’t want receiving calls.
    • You can set the search by first or last names, depending on which is easier for callers to find your employees.

     How Do I Set Up the Dial-By-Name Directory?

    Before you can start using the dial-by-name, you need to set up the dial-by-name directory.

    Setting up the dial-by-name is pretty easy. Do the following steps:

    • First, your extensions should be properly set. You can learn about setting extensions and managing groups here.
    • Set the letter combinations or names you want your callers to find you with.
    • Make sure to match your extension with the desired letters on the keypad.
    • You can then enable the dial-by-name feature.

    dial by name

    How Do I Enable the Dial-By-Name Feature?

    To do this, go to your profile and do the following:

    • Click on the “Additional Settings” tab and enable ‘dial-by-name’.
    • You can add a personal greeting by going to “Greetings & Media”, then going to “upload your greeting”.

    dial by name

    • After that, head to the ‘Configure Call Flows’ section.
    • If there are different users and you wish to enable or disable this feature for each one of them, go to the Team section and click on “edit user”.

    This feature can be seen on the Personal Settings screen. Please note that before a user can be able to enable this feature, he/she must have had already recorded a special greeting (which introduces the user to the caller).

    To upload a personal greeting (or record it directly via a phone), go to the Greeting section. You can then select from your recorded/uploaded greetings via the drop-down menu. Enabling the Dial-By-Name feature, of course, allows customers to reach you just by typing your name.


    How to Configure Call Flows with the dial-by-name option?

    As stated before, your call flows need to set for the dial-by-name to be effective. A call flow is simply a road map to how calls will be handled from the moment they enter the phone system to the end of the call. Follow these steps to add a call flow with the dial-by-name option:

    • Go to the Configure Call Flows screen and click on the ‘new flow’ tab or edit the current call flow.
    • Define basic conditions including the business number(s), the caller number(s), and the time of the call.
    • Choose a primary greeting for when the call is connected. You can use a default or custom recording.
    • Select the “Dial by Name” option.
    • Press “Save changes.”

    dial by name

    You can edit your directory at your convenience, determining who gets access to which employee and who doesn’t. You can also change the names at any time.

    You can also perform basic operational settings on the auto attendants.

    Dial-by-name comes with a default directory that can be edited.

    The Auto Attendant

    The auto attendant is your phone receptionist. It allows you or your callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator.  You can freely set up an auto attendant. Usually caller can reach a live operator by dialing “0”. Learn more about the auto attendant.

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