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MightyCall + Zapier Integration

MightyCall supports integration with the CRM apps of your choice via Zapier.  Connect MightyCall to Zapier to always have business call history at your fingertips!

How does MightyCall – Zapier integration work?

To integrate two (or more) digital products means to sync them, so vital information from one platform is automatically imported to another. When you integrate MightyCall with third-party apps via Zapier, you choose the apps you want to connect and control which data you import. It’s that safe and straightforward.

Zapier is a service that lets you connect thousands of apps and automate tasks. To set up integration with MightyCall, you must have an account on both MightyCall and Zapier.

Zapier has a free forever plan that allows you to create up to 5 two-step integrations (or “zaps”). This is enough to enjoy all the benefits we’re talking about.  Register now on Zapier.

What apps can I integrate with MightyCall via Zapier?

There are lots of apps you can connect to MightyCall via Zapier. However, you’ll want to focus on CRM-based apps in order to organize your MightyCall call history most effectively.

Here are just a few examples of helpful ‘zaps’ you can create:

  • MightyCall —> CRM platforms

Automatically imports call data from MightyCall to a CRM platform of your choice.

  • MightyCall —> Google Sheets

Automatically imports call data from MightyCall to Google Sheets

  • MightyCall —>Slack

Automatically sends call data from MightyCall to Slack

  • MightyCall —>Gmail

Automatically emails call data from MightyCall to your Gmail account

Pick out the specific apps you want to connect to MightyCall from the impressive list offered by Zapier.

What information does MightyCall transfer via Zapier?

After you set up a “zap” on Zapier, MightyCall will start automatically importing your business call data to the connected app(s) of your choice.

Here’s the information you can import, for both incoming and outgoing calls:

  • Call status (answered/missed)
  • The number from/to which the call was made
  • Date and time of the call
  • Extension of the employee who made the call

We suggest integrating your MightyCall account with the apps you (and your team) use most frequently. For example, you can get your MightyCall call history sent to Slack and from there delegate follow-up tasks to team members. Or, you may automatically organize your customer call data in Google sheets, skipping the need to do so manually.

How will integration help me do business?

Integration is one of the best time-savers out there. It will help you stay in 24/7 control of your business communications and automate things like:

  • Checking call history in your MightyCall profile
  • Viewing and following up on calls, including VIP clients
  • Managing employees
  • Delegating tasks
  • Instantly accessing client information

Integrate MightyCall with your favorite CRM apps via Zapier. Just follow these simple steps and let us do the syncing while you and your team concentrate on the job!

This feature is available in Ultimate plan only.

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