Up to 10,000 talk minutes

For those seeking a low-cost call service.

MightyCall plans offer different amounts of “Talk Minutes” – 500, 3,000 and 10,000 – so you can choose one with a suitable quantity. The more minutes in a package, the lower per-minute cost is! For example, the price for 1 minute in the Ultimate plan works out at less than 1 cent.

What happens when you spend all bundled minutes?

It’s no big deal. You stay connected, using your Bank Account for “pay as you go” minutes. For more details, follow the link.

Bundled minutes price

Price per minute $0.04 $0.017 $0.01
Talk Minutes5002,00010,000
Price per talk minutes $0.05 $0.025 $0.02
Talk Minutes3001,0003,000
Price per talk minutes $0.08 $0.03 $0.013

Besides very cheap minutes, MightyCall offers a multitude of features to improve client communications:

And much more!

Why is MightyCall a better deal than a carrier operator business number?

Carrier operators usually offer unlimited connection. But there are many pitfalls in seemingly-advantageous plans.

Carrier operatorsMightyCall
Long-term contract (commonly 1 year minimum).No long-term contracts. Register, try it out, then decide.
Penalty for contract early termination30 days money back guarantee.
Not all directions are truly unlimited.Transparent Talk Minutes plan. If bundled minutes are not enough till next pay period, you can use per minute charge or ask for a customized plan with more minutes.
Posted price is not all inclusive (for example, taxes, fees, or universal service charges are extra).No incidental charges – subscription fee and additions that you can choose and buy.
Service activation fee.No service activation fee.
Some options can turn into incidental charges.All options bundled in the plan are available without surprise charges.
Additional line.Our solution for your team includes web panel, embedded web phone, and cell phone.

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