Ringing at the same time or in sequence

Adjust call forwarding to your needs.

Ringing at the same time or in sequence

What phones can an employee use to receive a call?

A MightyCall you can receive calls on up to 3 phones: landline and mobile, in the office or at home. In addition, you can receive calls on multiple VoIP phones:

  • MightyCall’s web phone
  • MightyCall’s mobile softphone
  • other vendors phones
  • other vendors softphones for PC and mobile.

When you fill in all your phone numbers in MightyCall account, you can specify how these phones should ring — at the same time or in sequence. For the in sequence option, you also indicate in which order your phones should ring and the duration.

Simultaneous or in sequence: What to choose for personal phones.

Simultaneous ringing is used when the call response time is important. When all the phones ring at the same time, without delay, the employee quickly takes the nearest handset. Sometimes, it is essential because a long response time can lead to customers’ frustration.

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Sequential ringing is used when you have clearly preferred phone.

You can have a favorite phone for different reasons:

  • Calls on one of the phones are cheaper (usually, the VoIP phone)
  • A desktop phone is more convenient
  • A mobile’s battery is nearly run down
  • Better ergonomics of the desktop phone set
  • A softphone with a headset is more functional than a mobile or landline phone.

Call distribution among group members

Ringing at the same time or in sequence
When MightyCall distributes the call flow among group members, it uses one of the four ACD (automated call distribution) algorithms. Two of them, as well as in the case of personal phones, are parallel and serial. In addition, the MightyCall ACD supports call distribution in two other ways: in a circle and to the freest. Each of the four algorithms is used in a specific business situation.

Use case

Alice is an account manager at a consulting firm. She receives client calls everywhere — in her office, on her way for a meeting with customers, at home.

When she works in the office, she prefers to talk on the softphone with a headset, because the quality of communications, in this case, is the highest. In addition, it is easier for her to make common actions via the softphone with a simple mouse click: forwarding calls, calling someone from her address book, listening to her voicemail. And Alice enjoys talking hands-free to be able to work with a CRM system during her conversation.

When at home, Alice prefers the convenient landline phone, especially since her mobile battery is often low in the evening.

«To avoid disturbing her family by frequent ringing during her absence, Alice has set up a sequential ringing of the office, mobile, and home phones. To reduce the response time, she has set a very short time of the phone ringing, for only 5 seconds. Indeed, if she is at her desk, she can quickly pick up the call.
If Alice is traveling, she uses her mobile. And when at home, she usually receives calls on the landline phone, but sometimes on her mobile.

Bob is a healthy lifestyle consultant. He has a small office, but he is often out. Bob prefers to receive calls on his office or home phones because they have the best call quality. In addition, mobile communications in his office are not always sustainable. Since there are only a few people both in his office, and at home, and he doesn’t receive calls very often, he has set up simultaneous ringing of office, mobile, and home phones. The purpose is low call response time.

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