Port existing number

Transfer any number to your account, whether it is virtual, mobile, landline or toll-free.

Port existing number

When you need to port a number

MightyCall offers a lot of numbers to choose from, both local and toll-free. But sometimes our clients want to use the MightyCall virtual phone services with the numbers they already have. Usually it occurs when the existing numbers are vanity branded numbers or have been heavily advertised.

What is number porting

Number porting is a process of changing your service provider while keeping your existing number. We can port to MightyCall numbers from almost any provider, both toll-free or local.

Porting number to MightyCall is:

  • Free
  • Simple. Submit a request and wait for a notification that all is done. We will contact your provider and resolve all technical issues. You don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Secure. During the number porting process, you can still use your number. Porting process takes 1–2 weeks to complete.

To port your number to MightyCall you should:

Can I port my number from MightyCall to another provider

Using MightyCall is safe. If you decide to use another provider, you’ll be able to port your number for free.

Can I port the services as well as the number?

No, you port the number alone. All services without exception will be changed. The MightyCall virtual phone system has a lot of features to fit almost any business process. And with our visual call flow configuration and the help of our staff it is very simple.

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