Performance reports

  • How do I cope with client calls?
  • Should I adjust working hours to accept most of the calls?
  • What about hiring a new employee?
  • Or maybe it’s more efficient to fire some part of the team?
  • It feels like a client should frequently leave a voicemail, doesn’t it?
  • Who is the call center’s weakest link?
  • Who do I need to reward as the best team player?

In running your business, you face these kinds of contentious questions every day. MightyCall performance reports can help you to answer them and manage successfully.

MightyCall has 5 most essential business reports aggregate in Key Performance Indicators and Volume sections:

  1. Connected vs. Missed Calls Report
  2. Average Speed of Answer & Average Talk Time Report
  3. Incoming & Outgoing Calls Report
  4. Internal Calls Report
  5. Voicemails report

Sign up & manage your calls with performance reports

You can choose a timeframe, phone number (or Click to Call number) and the user for each report.

Connected vs. Missed Calls Report

This report shows the connected and missed calls ratio. It helps to figure out how many calls (which means prospective clients) are missed. The report contains detailed information about all calls: connected, missed, hang-ups and with voice messages.

Performance reports

The report can be broken down to daily. It allows you to review call allocations during the day and adjust working hours or amend call forward settings.

Average Speed of Answer & Average Talk Time Report

This report shows the average speed of answer and conversation duration generally by the team and by each call agent.

Performance reports

If you want to know which employees don’t manage calls efficiently, you should use this report. It also establishes the timing of communications with clients. When these indicators differ significantly from the company standards, then it’s time to take administrative action.

Incoming & Outgoing Calls Report

This one demonstrates the incoming and outgoing call ratio.

Performance reports

You can use this report to review your team and company departments performance by chosen period (by seasons, quarter, etc.). For example, check how effective cold calling is (outbound calls) or look at your help desk performance (inbound).

Internal Calls Report

In-house and account communications are represented in the internal calls report.

Performance reports

Voicemails report

Now you can see how many voice messages you received during the period.

Performance reports

Voicemail is an essential element of your communication tools. It is the solution in case of inability to converse directly. But with this report, you can see whether or not there are too many voice messages. That means you should revise your working hours and call forwarding settings.

Sign up & manage your calls with performance reports

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