High Quality Sound

Advanced technology for crystal clear sound

  • Can I trust IP telephony with client communication?
  • What if the sound and communications security are far from professional level?
  • Is it possible to have high quality sound using IP telephony?

These are understandable concerns of an entrepreneur choosing a virtual phone system.

Major VoIP services’ problems are voice delay (the situation when a person you are talking to hears your words with 1-2 seconds delay) and voice corruption (“metallic voice” and others). Issues with the sound appear because of poor internet connectivity (on any side of the parts including provider), or bad quality of audio compression.

How does MightyCall achieve high quality sound and reliable connection?

  1. MightyCall has a stable connection and hosting providers:
    • For call termination, MightyCall deals with highly reputable partners situated close to a user’s location. They eliminate delays and low quality caused by distance. Service availability is guaranteed up to 99.99%.
  2. Specific VoIP equipment support:
    • For exceptional quality sound, MightyCall offers specialized VoIP equipment – IP-telephones or IP-adapters. It implements hardware voice compression, which is faster.
  3. 24/7 real-time voice traffic quality analysis. It works in automatic mode and notifies immediately in case of emergency:
    • We guarantee 99.95% availability of phone connections.
    • MightyCall side-voice delay is less than 100 ms. The human ear can’t detect this lag.
  4. Highly qualified experts:
    • MightyCall specialists have vast experience in the telephony field. We have worked within the industry for more than 16 years. It’s almost from the very beginning of the IP-technology development.
  5. Flexible customer settings:
    • The user can choose what call type is best in each case (based on the price and quality ratio). For example, you can transfer a call to a mobile phone or softphone/ web phone depending on better coverage (cell communication or WiFi) at the current moment.
  6. G.711m/a codecs are utilized for audio coding and decoding. MightyCall supports the innovative codec OPUS. It has a good compression-quality balance. This is particularly important for mobile network communications. The codec has flexible adaptive algorithm working in case of channel traffic changes, for example, when transfer from 3G to Wi-Fi connection. There are also algorithms to prevent against data packet loss when wireless networks has limited capacity.

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