Facebook/Twitter messages

Stay in touch with your customers in social network

Facebook Twitter messages

The Benefits of integration with Facebook and Twitter

Integration of MightyCall virtual phobe system with Facebook and Twitter increases customer service in social networks. The advantages are:

  • Productivity. Employees respond to requests from the social networks quickly and directly from the MightyCall account. They are not distracted by irrelevant information, abundantly presented in social networks.
  • Those employees, who are experts in client service reply to requests from Facebook and Twitter. These are the same people who answer calls and text messages from customers.
  • Zero missed customer requests from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Single task list associated with client calls, text messages, and messages from Facebook and Twitter.

Empower your social presence with MightyCall

How do Facebook and Twitter integrations work?

MightyCall delivers connectors for integration with Facebook and Twitter.

The first step of integration is to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with your MightyCall account.

After that, direct messages from Facebook, mentioning mentions of your company on Twitter, and posting posts on your Facebook business-page will automatically appear in the task list (activitiesActivities) of the MightyCall account. Tasks resulting from calls or text messages will fall into the same list. You can assign the task from the social network to any teammate or comment on it.

You can reply to a message from Facebook/Twitter directly from the your MightyCall account.

Facebook Twitter messages

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Empower your social presence with MightyCall

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