Email requests

A full mailbox is a terrifying thing to approach. MightyCall knows where to start with the bulk of messages!

MightyCall turns all received emails into tasks via the Activity Queue. Now you can handle them all, along with other client requests.

Email requests

Use Cases

  1. You probably have a general mailbox like or, with shared access for several employees. In such cases, it’s sometimes unclear whether an issue is already under control or still not processed. Each employee thinks that another one is handling the message, while critical requests stay unattended to.
  2. Do you want all your emails conducted by the team (make a call, respond, etc.)?

MightyCall Inbox feature is an excellent solution for such cases. It transforms messages into tasks.

Gather all emails into your activity queue

How does it work?

  1. Share the mailbox aimed for issues with MightyCall users. For example, it could be
  2. For all emails that need action, set forwarding to (action “Forward to”). The forwarded message transfers to your Activity Queue and becomes a task.
  3. Then you can assign this duty to a person via the MightyCall web panel. He/she can download the email and reply to it via the usual mailbox. The employee can also call back a client, using the web phone. You and your team can leave a valuable information in comments field. It will be available for all users.

The tool guarantees that all important messages will be handled on time. All communications are manageable, transparent and stored in one place.

Gather all emails into your activity queue

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