Click-to-call button on your website

The “Click-to-Call” option allows to make calls from your website instantly and for free. It’s an extremely easy-to-set and handy widget that connects callers in just one click.

An embedded editor offers button templates for any website purpose.


How does it work?

  1. With the editor, you create the desired button. You can customize everything: text, button location, color of the button, its border and text. Want to make it even more catchy? Animate it! After making settings, you get a code and post it on your website.
  2. The call button appears on your website. One click and your clients call you immediately and at no charge to them.

Sign up and start to receive calls from your website visitors

  • You can implement the widget both as a button and as a link. Plus, you can use the link with any object at your website: with your button, text, image, etc.
  • You can make up to 100 widgets with different call transfer rules. The add-on allows to set individual greetings and working hours. Your night callers can be forwarded to voicemail.
  • Use the conversation record option for more efficiency and team performance evaluation.

Use Cases

  • Thinking of how to turn all your website visitors into clients?
    Add a “Free instant call” button! Your customer-to-be will get meaningful answers to all questions from your team member. Attract visitors with this simple way to learn more about your product.
  • Up-level your email communications.
    Insert the “Click-to-Call” link into your phone number at the signature. Sometimes it’s far easier for a client to make an instant call than to scribble messages.

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Sign up and start to receive calls from your website visitors

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