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Click-to-Call Widget

The ‘Click-to-Call’ widget allows you and your website’s visitors to make free and instant calls straight from your site. The widget is easy-to-use and maximizes convenience.


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How Will the  Click-to-call Widget Help Me?

It may seem simple, but that’s what customers usually look for.

The ‘Click-to-Call’ widget is an accessible and attractive way for people to learn more about your company. This means a better way of turning visitors into customers.

In the word of smartphones, it’s also more convenient to tap and call a company than to write out a message that you’re not sure will be answered.

You can even make up to 100 different widgets, each with its own call transfer rules, greetings, and working hours.

How Does the Widget Work?

MightyCall’s Click-to-call widget has a built-in editor that allows you to alter the design to fit any website’s purpose.

You can choose:

  • the text,
  • the font,
  • the color,
  • the button’s border,
  • and where it goes on your site.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even animate it.

After customizing the click-to-call button to your liking, you get a code to use to post the button on your website.

Once the widget is up and running, all is takes is one click and your clients can easily reach you straight from the site. You can also choose any object on your website to link—a picture, a header, or the widget itself.


Example of our customer’s Click-to-call widget:


Video > How to create a Click-to-Call widget with MightyCall

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