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Call-back requests from your website

MightyCall makes your website’s visitor experience as smooth as can be. We offer the useful ‘Call-back request’ web widget to let visitors request a call-back.

There are 2 distinct versions of this widget:

  • Instant call-back
  • Scheduled call-back.

call back widget

How does Call-back request work?

It takes only a few minutes to set up the Call-back requests form and post it on your site; you don’t need any technical skills or knowledge.

  1. Using the drag-n-drop editor on your MightyCall account page, you move and arrange your callback widget on your site.
  2. Site visitors see the Callback button. With a click they can make a request for a callback, leaving their number and desired time for the callback.
  3. Depending on the severity of their problem, visitors can choose between an instant call-back or a scheduled call-back: 
  • With an instant call-back, the request goes to the top of your queue and is assigned to the first available employee.
  • The scheduled call-back offers visitors the chance to schedule a time within the next 3 days to talk to an employee. Since you have more time to organize things, as well as a comment about why the person wants to talk, you can directly address and plan for the call.

call back widget

I’m using the call-back feature to make it more convenient for people to schedule a call to build a website rather than contact my business immediately while they may be unprepared. The callback featured is preferred because I can also organize and prepare for the call ahead of time. It’s good for business.

Dwayne Hallager

How to configure the Call-back widget

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