Call-back requests from your website

MightyCall makes your website’s visitor experience as smooth as can be. We offer the useful ‘Callback request’ web widget to let visitors request a call-back or follow-up email. The widget includes a field for comments so you can know exactly what’s going on.

Call-back widget

What is a web widget?

A web widget is a simple tool you can use on your business’s website. With MightyCall, we support 3 unique web widgets to help your business look and function professionally.

How does Call-back requests work?

It takes only a few minutes to set up the Call-back requests form and post it on your site; you don’t need any technical skills or knowledge.

  1. Using the drag-n-drop editor on your MightyCall account page, you move and arrange your widgets on your site. You fill in the contact us form with all the relevant information: company address, phone number, links to social media, etc. Then you get a code which you post on your web page and voila! – The contact us form instantly appears on your website.
  2. The site visitor sees the Call-back button on the contact us form. With a click they can make a request for a call-back (leaving their number and desired time for the callback) or for an email response to a problem/question.
  3. The client’s request immediately goes to your Activity queue. From here you can directly address the task.

Call-back requests from your website

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