Activity queue

    Your integrated to-do list.

    What does the activity queue do?

    Most Virtual Phone Systems keep all communications stored away in the call history. But MightyCall offers an outstanding feature: the Activity Queue section. The Activity Queue collects every task and event that requires action and consolidates them into one super-convenient list.

    Whether you miss a call, receive a voicemail, or send a text message, everything will be shown in the feed (activity queue). What’s most efficient is that you can contact the client directly from the queue (make a call, write a message, etc.). An embedded web phone makes a call on behalf of your business number simply by clicking on a request.


    MightyCall’s Activity Queue


    MightyCall’s Activity Queue gathers the following types of events:

    • Missed calls
    • Voicemails
    • Callback and email requests
    • To-do items
    • MightyCall inbox messages
    • Twitter & Facebook messages/mentions
    • Text messages

     Why is it so helpful?

    You can delegate any task to any colleague, and they’ll receive a notification about the assignment. When the work is complete, you can archive it. This lets you manage your company’s work without any advanced CRM system.

    To make prioritizing easier, MightyCall has an automatic Expected Response Time system. It highlights tasks requiring the fastest response in red.

    The Activity Queue feature is of course also available on the MightyCall mobile app.

    How can I use this to maximize business?

    What do you think about a single place for the whole team to communicate with clients? You and your colleagues can use the web panel to call customers back, replying via text or call—all using your business number(s).

    You won’t always be available, so this is a great way to see what you’ve missed and how important it is.

    If you’re busy and have too many things going on, create a network: invite colleagues to the service, assign a person to each task, leave comments, and track the progress. You are the boss after all, so lead the way.

    The Activity Queue is the heart of your mobile communication center.

    Simply put, companies spend way more on CRMs than they do on virtual phone systems, but with our Activity Queue, you’ll get the functionality of both for the cost of just one!


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