Activity queue

Your integrated to-do list.

Most Virtual Phone Systems keep all communications only in call history. But MightyCall offers an outstanding feature: the Activity Queue section collects all tasks and events that require action.

Whether you miss a call, receive a voicemail or an SMS, everything will be shown in the feed (activity queue). What’s most efficient is that you can contact the client directly from the queue (make a call, write a message, etc.). An embedded web phone makes a call on behalf of your business number straight from a client’s request.

Activity queue

MightyCall Activity Queue gathers the following types of events:

  • Missed calls
  • Voicemails
  • Callback and email requests
  • To-do items
  • MightyCall inbox messages
  • Twitter & Facebook messages/mentions
  • Text messages

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You can delegate any task to a named colleague, and he/she will receive a notification about the assignment. When the work is complete, you archive it. So, the Activity queue section manages teamwork without any CRM system.

To make prioritizing easier, MightyCall has an automatic Expected Response Time system. It highlights in red those tasks requiring the fastest response.

Full-featured Activity Queue is also available for the mobile application.

Use Cases

  1. What do you think about a single workplace for the whole team to communicate with clients? You and your colleagues can use the web panel to call customers back, reply via SMS or voicemail. Additionally, you retain your professional look, as your clients will see your business number in calls and messages.
  2. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always be available. Voicemail is an integral part of client communications. MightyCall has the option of listening to the voicemail together with the team (Share my voicemails option via Activity Queue). It helps you to be prompt in reaction to a client’s request. It’s a great feature to maintain your business image.
  3. Your business is rising, and you have too many requests. Create a network: invite colleagues to the service, assign a person to each task, leave comments and track the progress.

Related features

  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)

    Receive all notifications immediately on your mobile via MightyCall application

  • Multiple extensions

    Collaborate with your colleagues using web panel and activity queue as a workspace

  • Call History

    Get entire information about all calls: received, missed, complete, hang-ups; and check your voicemail and SMS

  • Performance reports

    Use MightyCall clear reports to monitor communications volume and crucial KPIs

Sign up and get your to-do list out of each query

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