Talkroute or MightyCall?

Alternatives Talkroute vs MightyCall

When assessing the virtual telephony market, Talkroute is sort of like Grasshopper-lite. The systems are very similar, and Talkroute touts their use of the PSTN (public switched telephone network)—which is also the backbone of Grasshopper’s call connections. The majority of competitors on the market use a strictly VoIP-centered approach, which means a call’s quality depends directly on your internet connection. (MightyCall uses a bit of both to give you options depending on your location.)

Talkroute’s pricing plans

talkroute pricing plans

MightyCall’s pricing plans



Capabilities comparison: TalkRoute vs MightyCall

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Price per month $ 19,99 / team* $ 19 / user**
Minutes Included 1 000 Unlimited
Price per minute 0,02 0,03
User extensions Unlimited 1 included

$5 per additional user

Local or Toll-free numbers 2 1
Texting Unlimited 500
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Customizable call flow Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes Yes
Business hours Yes No
Business contacts Yes No
Mini-CRM functionality Yes No
Conference calling Yes No
Auto attendant Yes No
Caller ID Yes No
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes No
Social Media tracking Yes No
Dashboard Yes Yes
*Basic plan **Basic plan

No matter how much you pay, you can’t get features like:

Those features are all dynamic enough to visibly influence your business; we aren’t talking about periphery features that only would be useful in specific situations, but MVP features that most in the industry charge extra for.

On MightyCall’s $39 plan, you get 5 numbers, unlimited calling,  unlimited extensions, unlimited texting, deskphones & softphones support and admittedly, but you also get all the features on Talkroute’s $59 plan (and even on their $99 plan) and more for less money. There simply isn’t a choice here at all.

If you want a plain old call forwarding number without any extra oomph, Talkroute isn’t bad, but if you want an actual virtual phone system with useful features, it won’t deliver results for you like most other virtual phone systems.