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Avoxi vs MightyCall
Which offers you a better value?

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Avoxi vs MightyCall: why is MightyCall better for SMB?
A brief overview of what you will get if you choose MightyCall:

  • An impressive price-value relationship;
  • Live support for all users 7 days a week;
  • High flexibility and fully customizable features;
  • Incredibly intuitive user interface;
  • Provides your call center with international phone numbers;
  • Call center features such as live call monitoring, auto dialer, and more.

We will go over the following points:

Looking for ways to improve work processes is natural for call centers. Redirecting resources to reduce extra expenses and save time helps increase productivity and grow your call center. Choosing a suitable VoIP system can help by bringing all your professional communications into one organized place. Consider this comparison of Avoxi and MightyCall to make a well-informed choice.

What is Avoxi?

Avoxi is a global communications solution for cloud communication, founded in 2001. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Specializing in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Avoxi offers a range of services aimed at improving communications. These services include international toll-free numbers, call forwarding, and interactive voice response (IVR), designed to support companies in improving customer interactions and meeting their communication needs.

Avoxi call center solution

What is MightyCall?

MightyCall is a virtual phone system designed primarily for SMBs and call centers, providing a powerful suite of telecommunication tools to improve customer service and communication. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in the USA, the service enables businesses to customize and manage inbound and outbound calls through features such as voice menus, call routing, and call analytics.

MightyCall call center solution

MightyCall vs Avoxi: How we evaluate them?

To see how MightyCall and Avoxi differ, we use a detailed set of criteria to determine their effectiveness for various business needs. Here’s an overview of the criteria used:

  • Features: We look at the range of services the two providers offer, including call handling, IVR, voicemail, and any specific tools that distinguish the service.
  • Price (availability): This criterion evaluates the cost for MightyCall vs Avoxi comparison, the pricing structures offered, what each package includes, and the overall value.
  • Possibility of integration: We assess the ease with which each provider can be integrated with other business tools, such as CRM software, email marketing platforms, and productivity applications.
  • Total cost (including add-ons): Beyond the initial price, we consider the expense of extra features or services that businesses might need, including options for scaling the call center solution.
  • Call quality: The difference between clarity and dependability of voice calls is evaluated under various network conditions to determine the quality provided by each service.
  • User support/quality of service: The support level offered in MightyCall vs Avoxi, including support channel availability, response times, and the quality of assistance received.
  • Ease of use: We consider the difference between how straightforward each platform is to use, including the process for setting up, interface navigation, and the ease with which new users can adapt.
  • Operational stability (reliability): The consistency of performance, without interruptions or downtime, under different scenarios is a crucial factor

Comparison of MightyCall and Avoxi pricing & plans

The tables below provide essential information about pricing and plans for comparing Avoxi vs MightyCall:

Avoxi Pricing

Plan Price per Month Price per Year Minutes Included Users Trial Additional Features
Basic $25 $270 1,000 1-5 30-day Standard call management features
Standard $50 $540 2,000 Unlimited 30-day Advanced call routing, analytics
Premium Custom Custom Custom Unlimited 30-day Custom solutions, priority support

MightyCall Pricing

Plan Price per Month Price per Year Minutes Included Users Trial Additional Features
Basic $20 $216 Unlimited 2 7-day Basic call management, voicemail to text
Standard $40 $432 Unlimited 5 7-day CRM integration, call analytics
Ultimate $60 $648 Unlimited Unlimited 7-day VIP support, API access

When comparing the pricing and plans of Avoxi and MightyCall, it becomes evident that both services cater to different segments of the market. Avoxi presents a structured approach with a focus on businesses looking for scalable international solutions, reflected in their tiered pricing and the inclusion of international minutes.

MightyCall, in comparison, while also offering international services, emphasizes extra phone numbers and unlimited domestic calling within their plans, a rich feature set, and a more inclusive approach for small to medium-sized call centers with a straightforward pricing model.

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Types of phone numbers available in Avoxi and MightyCall

Both services offer a variety of phone numbers to suit different business needs, ensuring flexibility and global reach. Below is a comparative overview of the types of numbers each service provides to see if there is a significant difference between MightyCall and Avoxi:

Type Avoxi MightyCall
Vanity Available (Price varies) Yes (Free for initial set)
Toll-Free Included (Additional cost for more) 2 Included (Additional cost for more)
Local Included (Additional cost for more) 2 Included (Additional cost for more)
International Available (Price varies) Available ($10 per additional business phone number)
Price per Additional Number Varies by country Varies by country

Winner: MightyCall is the preferred choice for businesses focusing on domestic communication and seeking value, offering free vanity phone numbers and two toll-free or local numbers without additional charges. Avoxi, with its wide range of international phone numbers, suits businesses aiming for global connectivity.

Features difference between MightyCall and Avoxi

Here’s a comparison of MightyCall and Avoxi that shows some of the key features of both services:

Feature MightyCall Avoxi
Auto Dialer
Roles & Permissions
IVR/Multi-level IVR
Call Forwarding
Call Recording
Voicemail to Text
Conference Calling
International Calling
CRM Integration
Mobile App
Custom Greetings
Analytics & Reporting
24/7 Customer Support
Number Porting
Call Monitoring

Winner: The difference between MightyCall and Avoxi when it comes to features is not that huge, until you realize that while MightyCall offers most of them as a part of its starting plan, Avoxi offers them as add-ons. Your selection depends on your specific preferences, plan, budget, and team size.

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Avoxi versus MightyCall: VoIP features

In looking at Avoxi and MightyCall, we delve into their VoIP features to assess their suitability for modern call center needs, especially focusing on call centers. This comparison aims to clarify the distinct offerings and strengths of each service.

VoIP calling

Avoxi provides VoIP calling services designed for global company operations, emphasizing clarity and reliability. It supports scalable solutions for handling high call volumes, which is essential for companies with a widespread customer base.

MightyCall enhances VoIP calling with additional functionalities, such as call queuing and the management of calls across devices. It is particularly focused on improving the success and professionalism of communication.

Winner: MightyCall vs Avoxi, due to MightyCall’s broader set of features designed to improve call handling and customer interaction.

International calling

Avoxi excels in international calling by offering access to phone numbers from numerous countries, facilitating companies to establish a local presence worldwide.

MightyCall provides a manageable communications platform with international phone conversations with its pay-as-you-go plan, allowing call centers to control costs while maintaining global communication.

Winner: Avoxi for its extensive international reach and phone numbers, enabling companies to effortlessly connect with a global audience.

Auto attendant

Avoxi’s auto attendant feature guides callers through a professional menu, directing them to the appropriate department or individual, enhancing the customer-calling experience.

MightyCall, compared to Avoxi, offers a highly adaptable auto attendant, allowing for in-depth customization to match specific call center needs and caller expectations.

Winner: MightyCall versus Avoxi, for MightyCall’s customizable auto attendant that offers a personalized touch to caller interactions.

Call management

MightyCall Call Routing

Avoxi provides solid call management tools, facilitating the handling of multiple calls and ensuring call centers can manage communications effectively.

MightyCall stands out in call management with its customizable system that integrates with CRM solutions, offering a unified view of customer interactions and a convenient call log.

Winner: Avoxi or MightyCall? MightyCall – for its flexible and integrated approach to call management, supporting companies in creating a stable communication workflow.


Avoxi offers detailed analytics, giving companies insights into their communication patterns and helping optimize operations.

MightyCall provides analytics that can be customized to meet organizational needs, offering the flexibility to focus on specific metrics.

Winner: MightyCall. Both provide immediate, in-depth analytics, while MightyCall offers customization for call centers needing personalized reporting for their business communication.


Avoxi integrates with key call center tools to enhance workflow and data synchronization, supporting functional operations.

MightyCall extends its functionality with broad integration options, including Zapier, to connect with an extensive range of applications and services.

Winner: MightyCall. Unlike Avoxi, MightyCall has extensive integration possibilities, facilitating a more connected and automated call center environment.

Overall conclusion

MightyCall and Avoxi each offer valuable VoIP features catering to different aspects of communication. MightyCall is a versatile choice for companies looking for flexibility, customization, and integration with other tools, making it particularly suitable for call centers focused on efficiency and personalized customer service.
Avoxi is a strong contender for companies prioritizing international reach. The decision between Avoxi vs MightyCall will depend on the specific priorities and needs of a company, with each service offering distinct advantages.

Difference between Avoxi and MightyCall user support

In evaluating the user support of Avoxi vs MightyCall, assessing the quality, responsiveness, and availability of their support services is crucial. These aspects are vital for ensuring customer satisfaction and can significantly impact the overall user experience.


Avoxi offers a variety of support options, including a knowledge base for self-service, email support for detailed inquiries, and phone support for direct assistance. The company aims to deliver quality business phone customer service, focusing on providing knowledgeable help promptly. With a global presence, Avoxi strives to ensure timely support for customers across different time zones.


MightyCall’s business phone system provides a detailed support system that includes 24/7 phone support, live chat for immediate assistance, email support, and a broad knowledge base for self-help. By offering multiple channels for support, MightyCall highlights the importance of being available to meet user preferences and needs. The support team at MightyCall is prepared to tackle a wide range of issues, from technical problems to account and billing inquiries, ensuring users receive comprehensive assistance.

Winner: MightyCall is the preferred choice regarding user support, thanks to its continuous availability and the variety of contact options, especially the inclusion of live chat. This feature enables users to obtain immediate help in their preferred manner, distinguishing MightyCall for its accessibility and quick response times. Although Avoxi also provides notable user support, unlike MightyCall, it doesn’t offer varied and constant support channels that effectively meet the diverse and urgent needs of its users. This commitment to excellence in customer service ensures that MightyCall users have the necessary support to manage their communication solutions effectively, establishing MightyCall as a dependable partner for businesses prioritizing accessible and responsive user support.

MightyCall and Avoxi: Pros & cons

Avoxi pros and cons

Pros Cons
Global reach with numbers from 170+ countries International communication can be expensive
High-quality calling Limited integrations with third-party apps
Analytics and reporting Customization options may be limited compared to MightyCall
24/7 customer support Additional features may incur extra costs
Auto attendant and advanced call management features May require a learning curve for complex features

MightyCall pros and cons

Pros Cons
Affordable with a strong price-value ratio, full of included powerful features with the basic plan compared to Avoxi Supports international numbers and communication, but was not specifically developed for it
Intuitive user interface Not convenient for solopreneurs without a team
Live support available 7 days a week No fax support
Includes CRM-lite: Contact Book Plus
Centralized business phone system with Journal page and integrations

MightyCall or Avoxi: Which one is right for your business?

Deciding whether you prefer Avoxi vs MightyCall depends on your call center’s unique requirements, including budget and growth projections. Avoxi may appeal to smaller teams with a larger budget due to its reputable global calling and sophisticated call management, while MightyCall is likely the better option for larger teams or those planning to expand, thanks to its broad feature set at a more accessible price.

Avoxi best for

MightyCall and Avoxi both provide international service, but Avoxi specifically excels in providing extensive international options and advanced call management, making it a strong VoIP phone system for call centers that need wide-reaching communication. It supports companies aiming to sustain a significant international presence with dependable customer support and detailed analytics.

MightyCall best for

MightyCall is ideal for active, growing small to medium-sized call centers seeking a wide range of features and integrations, alongside an intuitive design, all at a competitive rate. This VoIP solution prioritizes exceptional customer support and is made for call centers aiming for both local and international growth. The service’s attractive price-value ratio comes with numerous features designed to foster company expansion and operational functionality.

Why MightyCall is the best solution?

When weighing MightyCall vs Avoxi, MightyCall emerges as the preferred choice for call centers aiming for scalability. It offers adaptable plans that grow with your company size, providing a solution that doesn’t strain your budget. With a focus on intuitive design and a broad set of features for both local and global operations, MightyCall is the prime VoIP provider for ambitious entities.

What Avoxi lacks?

While Avoxi is strong in international communication and call management, it might introduce cost barriers for smaller teams or those seeking a wide range of integrations and customizable features without extra expense.

What MightyCall wins?

MightyCall surpasses Avoxi with its blend of value, adaptability, and readiness for international markets. It offers an extensive feature set at a competitive price, supported by an easy-to-use interface and reliable customer support. MightyCall addresses the contemporary call center needs, providing a scalable and flexible communication platform that promotes growth and operational smoothness for larger and smaller businesses alike.




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