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Vonage is a phone provider, offering both home and business plans. You might remember them for their light-hearted “People do stupid things” commercials in the early 2000s. Those commercials were for home phone plans, but the company has more recently shifted to highlighting their cloud technology and business phone plans.

Vonage’s pricing plans

Vonage has been in the market a while and provides reliable service, but it can be quite costly if your business has multiple users. They offer a general plan quoted at $29.99 per user with unlimited minutes and texting. Their pricing plan is not entirely transparent however, as on the main page the $29.99 is slashed through, claiming you need to contact them for a quote. That is likely because that $30 listing is at the low end of their price range.

Their pricing plans are not the only thing lacking transparency however, as their claim of offering “unlimited minutes” is simply false. The Vonage terms of service describes unlimited minutes within ‘Fair use’, described as “[referring] to the calling patterns of at least 95% of Vonage Business’ business customers on the same business calling plan.”

That means that if the vast majority of Vonage users use 3,000 minutes a month, that will be the ceiling imposed on you.

Let’s compare Vonage’s Business plan with MighyCall’s Basic plan

  • MightyCall’s Basic plan is $19.99 a month for 2 numbers, unlimited extensions and 1,000 talk minutes.
  • MightyCall’s Standard plan is $39.99 a month for 5 numbers, unlimited extensions, unlimited minutes and mini-CRM functionality.

With Vonage, you get 1 number and 1 extension. Each additional extension is an extra $29.99 per user.

That’s not the worst part though—besides the general cost of the service, you will pay for your phone number as well: $9.99 for a local number or $39.99 for a toll-free number.

These prices are noticeably high; it’s possible that if you request a personal quote from Vonage, the total number may be lower than the math here indicates, but that’s a standard sales technique—to mark things up and then tell people you’re giving them a discount just for them.

Regardless, anywhere near $70 a month for a business number with just 1 extension isn’t maximizing your money.

Why MightyCall is the best alternative to Vonage Business



Price per month $ 39.99 / team* $ 29.99 / user**
Phone number price For free $9.99 Local/$39.99 Toll free
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 1
User extensions Unlimited $ 29.99 per user
Minutes Included Unlimited Unlimited
Texting Yes Unlimited
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Auto-attendant Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes $14.99 + $0.03/min
Business contact book Yes No
Mini-CRM functionality Yes No
Visual voicemail Yes No
Call recording Yes No
Call screening Yes Yes
Calls involving more than three people Yes $14.99 + $0.03/min
Call group Yes No
Custom main greeting Yes Yes
Music on hold Yes Yes
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes Desktop App
Deskphone support Yes Yes
Website widgets Yes No
Social Media integration Yes No
*Standard plan **Premium plan

What customers say about MightyCall

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Source: Capterra


Source: Capterra

A lot of phone systems have the power and capability to give you features to control every aspect of your business, so with so many choices on the market, you should value your money and choose the service that doesn’t make you pay for every last feature provided.