About Phone.com

AlternativesPhone.com vs MightyCall

Phone.com launched in September 2007 by Mike Mann as a low-cost VOIP service.

Phone.com offers three main products:

  • Virtual Office.
  • Home Phone Plus.
  • Virtual Number.

Virtual Office is a virtual phone system that offers customers a number which can then be forwarded to any other phone. Features include voicemail, after-hours greetings, call forwarding and more.

Home Phone Plus is a service that allows customers to receive home phone calls through the internet. Features include voicemail, call forwarding and number porting.

Virtual Number gives customers a phone number which can then be forwarded to another number. Features include call routing, caller ID, call screening and more.


Virtual Office is priced based on monthly minutes and included phone numbers. Phone.com offers four plans with both monthly and annual pricing. Prices range from $14.88 for 300 minutes to $74.88 for 2500 minutes and three numbers.

Home Phone Plus offers three different plans; a monthly plan that includes 250 minutes for $9.88/month, a monthly unlimited minutes plan at $19.88/month and an annual unlimited minutes plan for $214/yr.

Virtual Number is $4.88/month and includes 250 minutes, a local phone number and voicemail.

How is MightyCall different?

Phone.com and MightyCall offer many of the same features but there are a few key differences:

  • Social Media Tracker: MightyCall offers an app for iOS and Android that includes an activity queue where you can easily check all of your social activity and respond from one place.
  • Contact Us Page: MightyCall offers a free “contact us” WordPress plugin to use on your website. It’s slick, easy to install and portrays your businesses information in a simple to read way.
  • Never Miss A Customer Call: With MightyCall you can have up to 45 devices ring at the same time so someone on your team always catches the call.

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