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For the business phone industry, Ooma offers an office-centric phone system for small businesses. The company also sells a home phone analogue as well as home and internet security packages.

Ooma Office, their solution to small business’s most pressing telephone needs, clocks in at $19.95 per user (and offers unlimited minutes*). The website notes that their phone system is not like other VoIP systems because it doesn’t require a computer or any software. However, you do need some hardware to use the system, as well as a high-speed internet connection. For your Ooma system, that necessary hardware’s normal price is $99.99!

*Unfortunately much of the information on Ooma’s site is deceiving; firstly, they say you don’t need software, but don’t explicitly state that you need hardware, and secondly, they claim to offer “unlimited minutes,” when in reality there is a 5,000 minute limit, as you can see if you read the terms of service.

Ooma’s system revolves around the office, but they offer a mobile app as well. Seeing as you need the hardware and a high-speed internet connection though, the services provided tend to be better if you and the hardware are in the same location, which negates the system’s flexibility.

The system has all of the standard features of a phone system—call forwarding, an auto-attendant, business hours, custom greetings, and conference calling — but lacks stronger features such as call recording, voicemail-to-text transcription, call queues, and the ability to send and receive text messages. That limited functionality significantly hurts its stock when compared to the more well-known players in the industry.

Likewise, the $19.95 monthly price is billed at 1 user and 1 business number; extensions are not free, so an office full of people won’t get the most collaboration out of the system at such a low price.

MightyCall vs Ooma comparison



Price per month$ 39.99*/ team$ 19.95**/ user
HardwareNofrom $ 99.99
Minutes IncludedUnlimited5 000
User extensionsUnlimited$ 19.95 per user
Local or Toll-free numbers51
Business hoursYesYes
Auto attendantYesYes
Call recordingYesYes
Call forwardingYesYes
Conference callingYesYes
Custom greetingYesYes
Business contactsYesNo
Mini-CRM functionalityYesNo
Call QueueYesNo
Internet faxNoYes
Webphone for In/Out CallsYesNo
Click-to-call widgetYesNo
Call-back request from the websiteYesNo
Social Media trackingYesNo
International numbers$10 extraNo
*Standard plan**Ooma office

Without features and the on-the-go flexibility that are vital in the speed of today’s world, a phone system isn’t doing enough. Don’t confine yourself to a business phone with the default of a single user confined to an office—open your office to the world.

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If you’re looking to make the switch to MightyCall and you wish to keep your number, we’ll port your current virtual number in for free.

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