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MightyCall Introduces the Contact Book PLUS Feature to Deliver CRM-quality Communications for Small Business

MightyCall, a no-hardware-needed VoIP system, unveiled one of its most ambitious features yet this week: the Contact Book PLUS.

MightyCall’s Contact Book PLUS feature integration will provide a massive step forward for small business customer capabilities, bringing two game-changing elements to how customers keep track of their business communications.

  • The first is the contact list mechanism, which allows people to freely and easily import and export contacts and contact lists into the VoIP system. 

business contact book

  • The second, the all-new journal element, will serve as a note-taking hub for every call or interaction your business has with a customer.

mightycall crm for small business

Senior Product Manager Anna Miranchuk said,

miranchuk_mightycall“The main idea is to make business communications better and easier for small office/home office (SOHO) and small business without [them needing] to buy an extra service … there are a lot of CRM systems now and many of them include VoIP features that can be integrated by plugin or API. However, these solutions are expensive and include too many features in most cases.” 

Get an urgent call in the middle of the night? The journal can show you if it’s a problem customer that you can probably let go to voicemail or a long-time customer in need of help. More specifically, whenever customers call, you can direct them to the staffer who’s been helping them. A more organized system creates more customizable and effective customer interactions.

These features may sound obvious, but enabling them in a cheap and understandable system gives more entrepreneurs and small businesses the chance to take control of their work and run their company on an equal playing field with bigger business. The smallest businesses will no longer be priced out of the CRM market or forced to overspend for vase functionality. With the Contact Book PLUS, every piece of information about customer communications—including the call transcript, recording, and any notes your staff leaves—will be in one place, saving small businesses endless time and headaches. 

Businesses can use MightyCall on any number of devices and among dozens of employees. The functionality of leaving comments on contacts or call summaries will be available on both the web-based version and more importantly, the mobile app, making it easy for on-the-go freelancers and contractors to keep track of customer requests and inquiries.

The Contact Book PLUS feature will be free for all current MightyCall customers upon release. For new customers, the feature’s inclusion will not cost them extra either, as MightyCall will not be raising its prices. The Basic plan, aimed at solopreneurs, remains $19.99 a month, while the Standard plan, more outfitted with advanced features for small business teams, remains $39.99 a month. CEO Dmitry Lepikhov noted,

lepikhov_mightycall“We’ve been working with small businesses for half a decade now and feel we know how to properly provide them with the communication tools they need. We’re aiming to expand the market so solopreneurs and small businesses can have access to enterprise-level software at prices they can actually afford.”  

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