MagicJack for business or MightyCall?

Alternatives MagicJack vs MightyCall

MagicJack is new to the VoIP game, and based on what they offer, it’s clear they need more time to figure things out.

$12.99 monthly for the first line, with recurring $3 charges to rent necessary hardware (otherwise you’re just using a super expensive app), all without even a built-in auto-attendant? Even if it’s cheap, the value is lacking.

What other common VoIP features is MagicJack for business missing?

  • Call recording,
  • Conference calling,
  • Custom greetings,
  • Call queues,
  • VIP lists,
  • Website integration.

MightyCall is the best option for small business owners.

MightyCall logo
Price $ 19,99/month $ 12,99/month
Minutes Included 1 000 Unlimited
Hardware No $3/ mo
User extensions Unlimited 1
Local or Toll-free numbers 2 1
Texting Unlimited Unlimited
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Call Queue Yes  No
Business hours Yes  No
Conference calling Yes  No
Auto attendant Yes  $10/ mo
Website Widgets Yes  No
Social Media tracking Yes  No
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes  No
Dashboard Yes  No
Plan Basic For business


It’s hard to even call MagicJack for business a bare bones VoIP, because it is missing so many features and so clearly not up to par to handle more than just one or two phone lines. Don’t pay over $20 a month for something that is still in its experimental stage when you can get an inclusive and effective VoIP from MightyCall for only $25 a month.

If you’re looking to make the switch to MightyCall and you wish to keep your number, we’ll port your current virtual number in for free.