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Openphone, a newcomer to the VoIP scene, emerged in 2018 marketing itself as a Google Voice alternative. However, since Google Voice is free, you can imagine the kind of makeup a company looking to take business from the tech giant would have. Appropriately, Openphone costs just $10 a month.

The price is certainly not bad, and on the extreme low end of VoIP options, but the company is hardly offering a bounty. There’s no pot of gold on the other end of this rainbow. The basics are there: a toll-free or local number, a central hub for your business’s communication history, and some integrations, but beyond that the feature set is bare. That’s because the $10 price tag, arguably the main attention-grabber of the company’s marketing, only truly applies to freelancers or solopreneurs.

MightyCall vs Openphone

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Price per month $ 39.99 per team $ 15 per user
Minutes Included Unlimited Unlimited
Texts Included Yes Yes
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 1
User extensions Unlimited $15 per user
Contact book Yes Yes
Mini-CRM functionality Yes Yes
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
IVR Yes No
Blacklists Yes Yes
Call recording Yes Yes
Call queue Yes No
Music on hold Yes No
Call transfer Yes No
Conference calling Yes No
Group calling Yes No
Voicemail to Text Yes Yes
Website widgets Yes No
Desk phones support Yes No
Webphone Yes Yes
Mobile App (iOS, Android) Yes Yes
Live support Yes No
*Standard plan *Team plan

Openphone Review

If you don’t have any employees or just have a simple side hustle and want to dip your toe into the waters of the business world, Openphone isn’t a bad option. For $10 a month you get unlimited call minutes and text messaging. Beyond that, you may not need many features. However, if you are looking to expand your business or already have some employees, the team options Openphone has start to show their cracks.

Firstly, the price tag changes to $15 per user on their team plan, presumably upping the price of your monthly bill to at least $30 a month. The feature set for that? Call recording, business hours, forwarding, voicemail transcription and custom greetings. A decent set but notably short.

MightyCall, by comparison, has over three dozen features, all working together to enable the best customer contact experience possible. That team offering isn’t even fully prepped yet, as it and another, bigger, option, “Company”, are still touted on Openphone’s website as soon to come.

That means that as of now, you have just one option, which only suits freelancers and beginning solopreneurs. For just $20, you could get MightyCall’s cheapest offering and have the infrastructure in place to manage a team of employees, even if that plan does have the drawback of limited call minutes. Imaging a potentially $30 team alternative to MightyCall’s Standard option, $40 a month, further exposes the limits of Openphone’s abilities. Judging from the screenshots and info on their website, the system runs like a juiced up Google Voice or Slack-type app (even though it syncs with the popular messaging app). Quite frankly, there are already various alternatives to those on the market, without one trying to combine it with VoIP.

Even reviews praising Openphone note it’s continued glitches and current drawbacks. Some of their customers plugging the service on Twitter are displayed on the company’s site—the problem is, there must be so few of these that Openphone has resorted to including two that have obvious grammar and spelling mistakes. The company and its product are still clearly in their infancy.

Verdict. Why MightyCall is the best alternative to Openphone

Don’t bother yourself working through a bare bones calling system if you’re truly looking for a VoIP service. MightyCall offers you more than double the features and more team compatibility on every plan for similarly less than industry average costs. The choice here isn’t hard—go with the established and growing company.

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