Visual call flow configuration

Set your call flows in accordance with business needs.

Visual call flow configuration

Do you need call flow configuration tool?

If you are an entrepreneur and you use MightyCall only to separate business from private life, you have nothing to worry about. When you subscribe to the service, the MightyCall virtual phone system will set up forwarding from your business access number to the number you provided during registration. You don’t need to perform extra steps to set up rules for call flow handling.

However, if

Easy call flow configuration tool will help you!

Prior to call flow configuration

Visual call flow configuration

To set the rules of call flow handling, you need to fill in information about employees and groups.

At first, you should enter the list of employees in your MightyCall account. Each employee is assigned an extension and identifies all phones on which he/she can accept calls: fixed, mobile, softphones. The user also specifies how these phones should ring — in parallel or in sequence, as well as personal rules of call handling if the employee is busy or does not answer.

After that, the co-workers are combined into groups, such as sales, support or accounting.

Visual call flow configuration

This tool is easy to use, it clearly presents information and prevents setup mistakes. You don’t have to write text configurations, and you don’t need technical skills to configure your phone system.

At the same time, you can design a call flow for different business situations.

Depending on parameters such as:

you can:

  • Forward a call to a specific employee
  • Forward a call to a group of coworkers
  • Place the call to a queue
  • Forward call to a voicemail
  • Forward call to voice menu (IVR)
  • Forward call to an external phone number.

Visual call flow configuration

MightyCall virtual phone system allows you to configure multiple rules of call flow handling. However, only one call flow rule for each business number is active at each time. This helps to avoid mistakes, and the virtual phone system doesn’t receive conflicting instructions on how to handle a call. You can switch between different call flow rules in your MightyCall account.

Other features in your MightyCall account

Visual call flow configuration
Call flow configuration is not the only function of your MightyCall account.

  • Study the statistics of calls and customer service parameters
  • Review history
  • Work with a task list automatically created as a result of communication with customers
  • Listen to voicemail
  • Configure widgets: Click-2-Call, Contact Us, Facebook and Twitter connectors

Security & access rights

Users of MightyCall are divided into ordinary users and administrators. Only the administrators can change the call processing rules. This ensures the safety and integrity of the business rules for call processing.

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