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Price per month $ 39.99 per team $ 43.99 + $ 25 per licence per user
Minutes Included Unlimited 3 888
Texts Included Yes from $5.99/ 100 texts
Local or Toll-free numbers 5 1
User extensions Unlimited $25 per license
Contact book Yes No
Mini-CRM functionality Yes No
Business hours Yes Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Auto attendant Yes Yes
Blacklists Yes Yes
Call recording Yes  $7
Music on hold Yes Yes
Conference calling Yes Yes
Voicemail to Text Yes Yes
Website widgets Yes No
Desk phones support Yes No
Webphone Yes No
Mobile App (iOS, Android) Yes No
International numbers $10 extra Yes
*Standard plan *Advanced plan

Avoxi Review

Avoxi has been around since 2001, although they—like many VoIP companies—have struggled to break through to the greater masses. Their website advertises the company serving about 5 000 businesses, meaning it’s been a slow going process to build up a user base.

A main reason seems to be because Avoxi has yet to focus in on a specific corner of the market, instead trying to cast a wide net.

  • Firstly, Avoxi advertises virtual numbers from over 160 countries worldwide, but their calling rates are far from the cheaper VoIP options out there (such as 8X8 or Vonage, both of which have extensive international networks that enable them to keep those costs low).
  • Secondly, the Avoxi website is confusing because they offer so many products—not necessary ones with vast differences, just variations of all things VoIP.

Avoxi pricing plans

They have virtual phone numbers, cloud contact center software, AND “solutions” based on your business size. Is there any overlap between these products? Who knows. VoIP is notoriously a complicated industry for incoming customers, with lots of fancy jargon and multistep setups for even the simplest systems. Avoxi’s site must make most people’s heads spin.

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If you can navigate the maze to get info about the price and differences between their products, you’ll find it comes with both a monthly subscription fee and a per user fee. The two most common options seem to be Avoxi Connect and Avoxi Advanced, priced at $16.99 and $43.99 a month, respectively. The universal cost per user is an additional $25. That means the lowest bill you’ll get from Avoxi is $42 a month—way too expensive for most small businesses (fewer than 10 employees).

Mid-sized companies don’t benefit much either. Both plans only have a single number, limiting your company’s outreach and forcing it to choose between a local or toll-free number. You could be paying $92 a month for Advanced with two users, and still only get a single number that everything needs to be routed through. Worse? Even Avoxi Advanced doesn’t offer unlimited minutes.

Avoxi does have a nice collection of features (although call recording is extra and there’s nothing anywhere about any spam deterring/blocking features), but the overall package is lackluster. MightyCall’s plans are $20 and $40 a month, respectively, and match nearly every single feature Avoxi has, but with more overall system versatility and usability.

MightyCall’s cheaper option, the Basic plan, has 1000 minutes to Avoxi Connect’s roughly ~750 minutes, while also coming with 2 numbers, unlimited user extensions to get your staff involved, and a taste of our revolutionary new Contact Book Plus feature, which lets you keep better contact lists AND take notes on customers and individual interactions.

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MightyCall’s Standard plan is an even better value, offering unlimited call minutes and text, 5 numbers, call recording, and unlimited access to the Contact Book Plus for just $40 a month. The overall cost of our service is less than the plan cost for Avoxi Advanced—before even factoring in their per user charges.

Verdict. Why MightyCall is the best alternative to Avoxi

No matter what size your small business is and what kind of features/usage you need, with MightyCall you get more while paying substantially less. There’s no need to even bother picking up the phone and having to deal with a pushy salesperson—if you want VoIP, Avoxi isn’t near the top of the list of best options. Is MightyCall? That’s up to you, but we’re transparent about what you’ll pay and what you’ll get, which is unfortunately a tad unorthodox nowadays.

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