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Second line consultation call

Enhance the customer experience with second line consultation calls.

What is a second line consultation call?

A second line consultation call just describes the ability to call a colleague for help during an ongoing phone call. If you’re talking to a customer and need to consult someone else, you can quickly put the customer on hold and do so without hanging up.

Second line consultative call

This is one of three flexible options MightyCall offers for ongoing calls:

How can you make one?

Initiating a consultation call is incredibly simple and only takes 2 clicks. You simply click the “consultative” button on the phone (or webphone) display and select the person you need (you don’t even need to remember their extension) to call them; you then have the option to put the customer on hold and switch between the calls or to bring your colleague in for a conference call.

This means that never again will you or your employee be caught unawares. With a fast and simple way to resolve questions or double-check information, your customer service is sure to benefit.


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