Second line consultative call

Enhance customer experience with second line consultative calls.

Second line consultative call

Communications with multiple participants

Sometimes, several persons interact during a call.

With MightyCall you have the following types of such interaction:

Enhance customer experience with consultative call

Better customer experience is the main value of consultative calls.

With the help of consultative calls, you can effectively address a client’s issues by the immediate advice of technicians or accountants.

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The crucial point is how simple the procedure is. Can a user make a consultative call in 2-3 seconds without paying tangible attention to key pressing? If not, the feature is useless in practice.

To make a consultative call in the MightyCall virtual phone system is very easy. Just 2 mouse clicks, and you don’t even need to remember short numbers (extensions) of colleagues!

Consultative call use case

Second line consultative call

Alice is an account manager in a design company. Bob is a technician in the same company. Carol, a client of the company, calls Alice. Alice takes the call on her WebPhone.

Further events are as follows:

  1. At some point in the conversation, Alice can’t answer Carol’s question and decides to ask Bob for help;
  2. To do this, she clicks the “consultative” button on her WebPhone and selects Bob with a mouse click from the list of teammates;
  3. Alice connects to Bob; Carol automatically switches to ‘on hold’;
  4. Now Alice can better address the difficult issue. She can:
  • switch between Carol and Bob,
  • make a conference,
  • or disconnect any party from the call.

A Consultative call may be completed in another way: by a conference call or by Carol and Bob talking (Alice disconnected).

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