Are You Ready For A Cloud-Based Call Center?

August 15, 2014


CMO of MightyCall Stijn Hendrikse is interviewed by Jim Blasingame from The Small Business Advocate about MightyCall.

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What Customers Think of On Hold Phone Messages

August 14, 2014

Everyone’s been put on hold on the line before. Yet, not every company knows very much about these voice recordings that greet customers when they first call in over the phone.

How often are people put on hold, for starters? How long do they stay on the line? And do such messages actually generate real sales?

Many companies have a vague idea of the answers. Those that have been in the business long enough should know their customers well. Still, there are some facts that will surprise even the best-run call centers in the country.Continue Reading Article >

7 Ways to Enhance Your Professional Voicemail Greeting

August 14, 2014

Professional Voicemail Greetings

Does your outgoing voicemail message turn off customers and prospects? Or does it compel them to engage with your company?

It’s an important question to consider, and here’s why: Up to 82 percent of people calling businesses will hang up instead of dealing with a phone tree or voicemail, according to an often-cited virtual office study. Every hang-up is a lost opportunity for your business.Continue Reading Article >

Ask Andy: How to Enable Call Recording With MightyCall

August 13, 2014
Andy, our Customer Success Manager takes us through MightyCall’s newest feature, call recording! Learn how to enable call recording today by watching the video below.


Four Things A Cloud-Based Phone System Must Do

August 13, 2014

I was in a meeting yesterday where a guy smarter than I am named Dan Rasmus made a throwaway comment that “if you need to make money, ignorance is not bliss”. I am probably going to mangle his words a little, but I think I was able to grasp the main takeaway - if you are in the business of, well, business, there are a few things you need to do well when it comes to responding to your customers. Unpacking Dan’s comment a bit, it became apparent to me that small business owners would need to:Continue Reading Article >

How A 24/7 Auto Attendant Can Help Your Brand

August 12, 2014 Setup Custom Call Menus with MightyCall

Being there for a customer may seem like a basic thing. Yet, many small businesses don’t realize that having a simple phone line for people to call in isn’t enough, especially when business expands.

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Give Your Business an International Internet Phone Number

August 12, 2014

If your business has customers in other countries, you can now give them a local number to call so they do not incur expensive international charges.

All you have to do is to add an international Internet phone number to your MightyCall virtual phone system – it only cost $10 a month.

Add An International Internet Phone Number 

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4 Reasons Phone Systems for Startups Are Still Needed

August 12, 2014

Even if your tech start-up is only going to serve tech-savvy people, at some point, you’re going to need a virtual phone system.


Because you can bet your bottom dollar that eventually, some of your customers are going to want to talk to you, and you must be there to listen.

Skeptical? I was too, until I realized that the reports of the death of voice have been greatly exaggerated.

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The Top 4 Assets of Intelligent Call Routing

August 11, 2014

Call Routing

Top 4 Benefits of Intelligent Call Routing

At many SMBs, callers are automatically routed to the next available agent. But what if a caller could automatically be routed to the agent she spoke to the day before? Wouldn’t it be great if callers could be routed to the agents with the best skills and knowledge to answer their questions?Continue Reading Article >

Gain Instant Credibility With A Professional Phone Greeting

August 11, 2014

First impressions matter. That’s true for the dating scene, and it’s true for when customers call you for the first time.

This means that the kind of phone recording that they hear needs to be professional. Do it right, and you gain instant credibility. Do it wrong, and you might lose a business opportunity.Continue Reading Article >