WeWork Members Pick MightyCall as Alternative to Google Voice

WeWork Tenant Picks MightyCall as Alternative to Google Voice

“I liked the added level of professionalism that MightyCall brings to our company, the way we can greet our callers with a professional virtual receptionist. It really complements our professional WeWork office space.”

- Benoit Haber, Partner, Opeus

When is free not free? When it gets in the way of growing one’s business, that’s when.

That was the experience of the founders of the Opeus Group, a WeWork member that provides professional services in the design and construction industry in the greater Washington D.C. area.

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How to Cheat on Your Boss as A Moonlighting Entrepreneur


Sometimes a common way to describe someone you’re attracted to is “cute”, “friendly” and “Sexy” and “I want you behind those doors!”. If that crush is your entrepreneurial dream, and you loathe your day job, then maybe a little nookie behind your boss’s back might be in order.Continue Reading Article >

A Different Voice Greeting For Different Needs

So you are all on-board with having a virtual phone system and a professional voice greeting help you make the best first impression possible with your customers. Great!

You aren’t quite sure if you are going to record your own greetings to sound more authentic, or hire a voice actor to help your business sound as professional as it really is.

Either way, you are going to have to figure out what kinds of greetings you need.

Just how do you go about coming up with a script for your on-hold messages? Start by breaking things up into several segments, separating the different messages into broad categories.Continue Reading Article >

Moonlighting Entrepreneurs Kickoff 3D Replica Startup

3diality uses MightyCall for their virtual phone systems.

“People who use social media really appreciate it when they post something and we actually answer right away. We are able to manage everything from the phone, and this sold us on the service. Everything with MightyCall is MightyGood.”

- Grisel Gallardo, Co-Owner,  3Diality

Some folks moonlight by taking on a second job. But for an increasing group of entrepreneurs, moonlighting means starting their own business.

Just ask Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia and Grisel Gallardo, who started 3Diality, a 3D replica business while holding down day jobs. Both of them credit MightyCall for helping them manage their growing business despite the responsibilities of their full-time employment.

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4 Things To Consider For A Professional On-Hold Voice Greeting

Professional oh-hold voice greetings give you instant credibility.

Yesterday, we shared a post for those of you who decided that it would be a good idea to take the DIY approach to recording your on-hold voice greeting.

However, to gain instant credibility, a professional voice actor is hard to beat, and there are companies out there that make the process simple.

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How Restaurants Can Utilize Call Center Software


Restaurants Can Benefit from Call Center Software

What’s on the menu for restaurants in the next year? Rising food and labor costs, increasing competition, and less-than-robust growth, for starters.

A recent forecast from Technomic predicts 3 percent sales growth among U.S. restaurants in 2014 and 2015, which translates to a slight decrease of .4 percent with inflation factored in.

Some restaurants are thriving, of course, especially in foodie havens such as New York and San Francisco. But others—especially small ‘Mom and Pop’ eateries—continually struggle to stay competitive in today’s slowly recovering economy.

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5 Ways To Do Your Own On-Hold Voice Greeting

DIY phone greeting

There are times when you might want or actually need to roll up your sleeves and record an on-hold voice greeting of your own.

For instance, you may have a really tight deadline and need a message done ASAP to get across to customers before a professional recording can be scripted and done.

Or maybe you just want that extra touch of authenticity.

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Using Call Center Software to Manage Your Complicated Life

Call Center Software

A lot of people today carry two mobile phones. But do they need to?

Back in April, The Wall Street Journal published an article about the rising ‘dual-device habit.’ “With work and home lives more intertwined than ever, some people are trying to maintain a clear line between the two by carrying two cellphones,” the Journal said.Continue Reading Article >

How to Use a Polycom Conference Phone Without an Expensive PBX

Polycom Conference Phone

Do you need a speakerphone in your conference room? And if so, do you prefer the high-end features of an advanced Polycom speakerphone?

You probably answered ‘yes’ to both questions. Most businesses, even small ones, need to conduct teleconferences at least occasionally. Conference calls bring multiple people together, wherever they are, to brainstorm and problem-solve in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective. They’re essential to keeping everyone ‘on the same page’ in your organization and in keeping your business agile.Continue Reading Article >

Using Multiple Phone Numbers for A/B Testing

Using Multiple Phone Number for A/B Testing

Many companies use A/B testing to test online advertising or marketing campaign variations. But you don’t need a marketing department or even a website to conduct A/B tests. All you need are two or more phone numbers.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing, also called ‘split testing,’ is the practice of testing an advertising or marketing message, call to action, offer, or design variation against a close alternative. With A/B testing, you can experiment to see how customers and target audiences respond to each variation.Continue Reading Article >