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MightyCall Launches Two New Call Center Reports: Campaigns and Dispositions

MightyCall is excited to announce the release of two new reports that will significantly expand your analytical options for call center campaigns. These reports are designed to provide detailed insights into campaign performance and call outcomes, enabling better decision-making and higher optimization of your outbound calling strategies.

Campaigns report: A detailed overview of your campaigns

Campaings Report

Imagine you’re a supervisor who wants to quickly see campaign progress and metrics. With the Campaigns Report, you can easily evaluate and analyze campaign results in real-time and make necessary adjustments.

The new Campaigns Report offers an in-depth look at the metrics that matter most for your call campaigns. This report includes 13 key metrics, such as Total Attempts, Connection Rate, Effective Answer Rate, Average Call Duration, Average Handle Time, and Average Talk Time.

With the Campaigns Report, you can quickly access and analyze campaign progress without needing to process raw data from the Call Log. This report is designed to help you evaluate and adjust campaigns in real-time, ensuring optimal performance.

Key features of the Campaigns Report

  • Total Attempts: Tracks all call attempts made during a campaign.
  • Connection Rate: Measures the percentage of successfully connected calls.
  • Effective Answer Rate: Calculates the percentage of calls effectively answered.
  • Average Call Duration: Provides the average length of all calls.
  • Average Handle Time: Shows the average time agents spend on each call.
  • Average Talk Time: Indicates the average time spent talking to customers.

Dispositions report: Understanding call outcomes

Dispositions Report

Suppose you are a supervisor who needs to understand why certain calls are not converting into sales. The Dispositions Report allows you to see the specific outcomes that agents select after each call. By analyzing these dispositions, you can identify patterns, such as a high number of calls ending with “no answer” or “customer not interested.” This insight helps you adjust your calling strategies and training programs to improve agent performance and campaign results.

The Dispositions Report provides insights into the choices your agents make regarding call outcomes during outbound campaigns. This report helps you evaluate and analyze the results of campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

Key features of the Dispositions Report

  • Detailed Call Outcomes: Allows for the analysis of each disposition to understand campaign effectiveness.
  • Agent Performance: Tracks how agents handle calls and their efficiency in managing outcomes.
  • Comparison Tools: Provides tools to compare results across different campaigns and analyze specific details.

By using the Dispositions Report, you can ensure that your agents are performing effectively and that campaign configurations are optimized for success.

Communications your way, always

MightyCall’s new Campaigns and Dispositions reports provide powerful tools for analyzing and optimizing your call campaigns. These reports offer detailed insights into campaign metrics and call outcomes, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and improve overall call center performance.

Kat Barannikova
Kat Barannikova is a copywriter and an obsessive tea drinker at MightyCall.
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