Customer Interaction is Evolving

Customers want more access and faster responses to questions & requests creating a challenge for your small business. Too many sources, no easy way to ensure timely followup.

53% of consumers expect a response via twitter in less than an hour while 83% expect a phone response and 44% an email response within 4 hours

- From Steven Van Belleghem, SSI & No Problem Research

Problem Solved: Our Consolidated
Activity Queue

MightyCall can receive your customer requests from your website Contact-Us page, Twitter and Facebook accounts, shared email in-boxes and our integrated voice channel. Requests are organized & prioritized into a single, easily managed activity queue. You can access your queue to review and respond to customer inquires from your desktop or from your mobile phone.

MightyCall - Problem Solved: Our Consolidated Activity Queue
Zero Dedicated 'Agents' Required

Zero Dedicated "Agents" Required

Your small business works as a team to respond to customers and solve issues. MightyCall helps your team collaborate and share the workload through our browser based application or smart-phone app. Customers get the answers they want and your team stays synchronized in real time no matter where they may be working.

Easily Handle Twitter Mentions & Direct Messages

MightyCall lets you link to your Twitter account making it easy for your team to join the conversation while its happening. All of your direct messages and mentions appear in the activity queue ready for you to review, respond and resolve issues faster than ever.

MightyCall - Easily Handle Twitter Mentions & Direct Messages
MightyCall - Link your Facebook Business Page

Link your Facebook Business Page

Get notified when customers send you a message or post to your Facebook business page. Reply right from the MightyCall Activity Queue, either from Web or smartphone application.

A better "Contact Us" page for your website

Convert more website visitors into customers by making it easy to for them to locate and contact your business. Our embed-able "Contact Us" page puts the latest technologies at your customers fingertips. Your visitors can get directions to your physical location, click-to-call you instantly from their web browser, download contact info to their phone or request a response from your team. Best of all - it's integrated with the activity queue so that you can ensure that every opportunity is handled. The MightyCall "Contact Us" page is also available as a Wordpress Plugin.


MightyCall - better contact us page

Plus an Integrated Voice Channel

Add the power of voice to MightyCall by upgrading to a paid subscription starting at $10/month. You'll get a couple local or toll-free numbers, auto-attendant, custom greetings, user extensions and business voice mail all dedicated to your company. Incoming calls can be forwarded to any existing phone line including mobile, home, office and VoiP lines.

You'll be able to view a record of all the missed calls to your business number and have instant access to voice mail messages directly from the activity queue on your desktop or mobile device. With the MightyCall voice channel upgrade you'll improve your ability to handle inbound customer calls and make sure you follow up to every opportunity.

MightyCall - Plus an Integrated Voice Channel
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