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What is an auto-attendant?

An auto-attendant is exactly what it sounds like—an automated reception system that increases your business’s efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a secretary. Your auto-attendant is designed to:

  • Greet callers
  • Deliver necessary information
  • Forward calls to the appropriate extension
  • Take human error out of the system

How can that help business?

First of all, don’t worry about a cold-sounding robot welcoming your customers—you have the ability to create your own custom greetings depending on who calls and when they do. The auto-attendant will play your custom greetings to ensure your business’s sense of personality isn’t lost.

From there, the auto-attendant effectively handles call management and reduces the costs of call processing smoother than a person ever could. This efficiency will give you a professional look and your customers a better calling experience.

How does the feature work?

The information playback menu starts the call (Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, etc.), and then forwards it to the proper destination using a routing system. The user you are calling gets notified through every number available (landline, cell phone, webphone, etc.) so they can be reached anywhere.

For convenience, the auto-attendant also contains a dial-by-name directory. A caller can dial the first name, last name, or full name of the person they need and the system will automatically forward the call there.

When a call is forwarded to a group, the Automated Call Distribution system issues it between your team in 1 of 4 distribution methods of your choosing.
If you run a more complex system, you can even deploy multiple auto-attendants. Don’t worry, they won’t chat the day away. They will however allow you more flexibility to handle:

Sit back and relax—the auto-attendant has all your call management needs covered.



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