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What is an auto-receptionist (auto-attendant)

The MightyCall auto-attendant is designed to:

  • Greet calling customers;
  • Forwards the call to an employee, group, voicemail or runs information playback according to the purpose of the call and business rules;
  • Provide self-service to customers;
  • Reduce employees involvement in call handling;
  • Automatically deliver information to calling customers.

These features boost business and give the company:

  • A professional look;
  • Reduced costs of call processing;
  • Improved customer experience;
  • Effective call management.

Auto-attendant with MightyCall

To forward a call to a destination, the auto-attendant uses a routing system. When a call is forwarded to the user, the MightyCall virtual phone system directs it to all numbers of the user:

  • landline phones;
  • mobile phones;
  • VoIP devices;
  • softphones.

When a call is forwarded to a group, the ACD (automated call distribution) system distributes the call between team members.

MightyCall allows using different auto-receptionists (i.e. greetings, voice menu, routing rules) depending on the situation. You can set a different auto-receptionist for:

Dial-by-name directory is another feature of the MightyCall auto-attendant. A customer calling the company can dial the number of the person he needs by name. Auto-attendant converts the dialed name to an extension number and forwards the call to the right employee. The auto-attendant allows the user to dial the first name, the last name, or both.

Use case example

Alice calls XYZ company. The auto-attendant takes the call and greets her:
«Welcome to XYZ.
If you want to buy our product, press 1.
If you are our client and need support, press 2.
For information about business hours, press 3.
Press 0, if you want to talk to an assistant or dial the extension number»

Alice responds by pressing “2” on her phone. Taking into account the reason for calling and business rules, virtual receptionist requests routing system to forward the call to the most suitable and ready to talk engineer.

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