9 Call Routing Features That Make Small Business Look Bigger

Being a small business and running with the big boys can be daunting. Big companies have more resources, staff, brand recognition and hundreds of other advantages. If they want to dip into nefarious territory, they could even break out predatory pricing to drive forward-thinking smaller companies out of business.

In America, consumers have gotten used to this, meaning most place more trust in the big businesses they know and have done business with. The solution? A simple one, actually: small businesses need to project a larger appearance than they actually have.

A trick of sorts, but one in everyone’s best interests—you get the chance to show customers how good and personable an experience you can give them, and customers are all the better for it. Even better? Casting a wide shadow is easier than ever with simple technology like a virtual phone system (VoIP) with business call routing.

Here’s how VoIP and call routing go hand in hand to give your business a pro image.

1. Virtual business number with call routing

The backbone of any virtual business phone system, which typically runs calls through VoIP (using the internet to route calls instead of traditional landlines). The word ‘virtual’ might give you pause, wondering what it could possibly mean, but chances are you’ve already had experiences with it. Virtual just means cloud-based, and these systems have been in place for over a decade.

The major benefit virtual phone systems have over others is that you get phone numbers without needing to get more phones or having wiring and equipment installed. That means no upkeep or technical headaches, allowing you to focus on business first and foremost.

2. Toll-free numbers

Any virtual phone company worth its weight will give you a wide ranging selection of numbers, including both local and toll-free numbers. Better yet, top-notch VoIP providers like MightyCall automatically give you multiple phone numbers when you sign up, so you don’t have to even choose.

Local numbers will depend on your specific area code, but toll-free numbers, with area codes like 800, 888, etc., work best nationwide. With a toll-free number, customers don’t need to spend a nickel to call you—all the costs of the call fall on your company.

Why is that good? Because it encourages people to call you more freely, and more calls means more sales opportunities. If your company has multiple offices or wants to branch out to a far-reaching audience, toll-free numbers will work wonders.

vanity number

3. Vanity Numbers

A great and simple marketing tool, vanity numbers are passive, so they require no effort to attract customers. Vanity numbers are a combination of digits which is either easy to remember or can be dialed via replacing part of the number with letters (phonewords). If you opt for something like 1-800-FLOWERS, customers will be much more likely to remember your company.

I am loathed to say it, but the majority of Americans could pick up a phone and dial 1-800-KARS4KIDS way more easily than the number of any local business in their area. That’s the power of memory.

With MightyCall, vanity numbers are free, because we know every small business should be able to take advantage of brain hacks. Likewise, if your company already has a phone number, whether vanity or not, and local or toll-free, we will port it into our service for free so you can keep using it without changing any advertising material.

4. Call routing with auto-attendant

A complete game-changer, auto-attendants make your company’s business call routing so much better. The auto-attendant is the robotic voice (we’ll discuss this in a second) you first hear when you call a company. It consists of a customizable voice menu (press 1 for this, 2 for that, etc.) that directs calls to the right place and reduces call-waiting time.

If you’re a super small business, an auto-attendant can theoretically even replace a receptionist/assistant, as you can also have it relay sets of instructions or vital business info to callers. For any small company, the auto-attendant will help make your receptionist/assistant’s life even easier by freeing them up to do more influential work than simply routing calls.

5. Call routing with custom voice greetings

Some people don’t like auto-attendants because they have bad memories of calling big businesses and having one relay them endlessly useless slogans as they waited for a real person to answer. We’ve all been there so we can sympathize.

Things are usually different with small businesses though. You won’t be left hanging, waiting for underpaid call center employees to get to you. That means people won’t be as discouraged not immediately having a real person greet them. In their minds, your recorded greetings may even be the real thing! And as mentioned before, you can have different greetings attached to different numbers/extensions to relay various bits of info.

If you’re not confident in your own voice, you can even write out copy and have a professional voice actor make your custom greeting!

business call routing voicemail

6. Music on hold

Another valuable phone system feature that big businesses have sullied due to poor call center management. Music on hold is a simple yet pleasant way to keep folks on the line just for a minute or two as they wait for one of your staff to pick up.

In fact, surveys show that playing something pleasant/interesting instead of standard beeps makes people hold the line 1.5-3 times longer without hanging up than they otherwise would. In case they don’t wait, MightyCall also has a callback option enabled that you can connect with your company website.

7. Unlimited extensions

Many VoIP companies do not offer this, instead charging per user, but MightyCall does offer it, so your teamwork can thrive without slaughtering your wallet.

No matter how many phone numbers your company is running, you can have unlimited extensions, which means all of your staff and different departments get their own. That means fewer tangles for incoming calls and makes it faster for each person to close customer tickets/requests. Having multiple options of who to speak to also projects both a better organized and a bigger company.

user extensions

8. Call routing during off-hours

Many small businesses may not have the infrastructure to handle calls coming in after-hours well. No longer! You can now distinguish between business and non-business hours, setting up different call routing rules for each to rescue more calls between 6 pm and 9 am.

At night, you and your staff can choose to send calls straight to voicemail, route them to an employee who may be on the clock, or just play a message telling the customer useful info like working hours , address, etc. That difference means the world to business call routing.

9. VIP Lists

Some customers may need special assistance, due to the complexity of an order or how loyal they are, among other reasons. VIP lists help you keep track of calls from that person/those people clearly, giving them a direct track to your phone regardless of date or time. That kind of personal service ensures big orders go smoothly.

MightyCall’s virtual telephony solutions: Helping you Grow

Here at MightyCall, our virtual business phone system offers the perfect opportunity for small business owners to improve their company’s interactions, save on infrastructure expenses and run customer communications like a big business while maintaining that small business charm.

The nine call routing features mentioned above are all standard course for the VoIP industry, and all come with even our cheapest plan.

Technology is the great equalizer between big and small business. Using it to give your company a leg up is practically a must in today’s oligarchical market. We all know the American market is reflected more in Main Street, USA than Wall Street, USA, so using a virtual phone system to hook customers will give you the chance to give them what they didn’t know they needed—a human connection, and not just a product or a delivery date.

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