10 Ways Call Routing for Small Business Can Make You Sound Like a Big Business

Against the background of fierce competition in almost every field of business, small and medium companies are fighting against large corporations for customers. This war is far from fair: given similar prices, an average client will likely opt for a larger company because of its alleged reliability and repute. Such things as personal approach and hand-picked/produced merchandize don’t matter as much as shrewd marketing moves.

Today, we’ll discuss a simple yet powerful recipe for small business credibility. The ingredients you’ll need are super simple: a virtual phone system with business call routing. Together, they’ll give even the smallest business out there an instant boost of professionalism, so the whole wide world gets to know you’re as cool as your customer service demonstrates.

Ready to jump in? Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why customers prefer larger companies
  • How a virtual phone number can help a small business
  • 10 phone system features that make a company seem larger

Why does bigger seem better?

In the mind of a prospective customer, the size of your business is strongly associated with success. Smaller companies are considered unsuccessful due to allegedly inferior quality of provided services. But in the digital age, the way we measure big vs. small is all about subtle things like a professional website, social media presence, and great phone service.

For example, imagine a business with a toll-free number vs. a business with a regular cell phone on their business card. Which one projects a more credible, professional image? Which one would you instinctively trust for better customer service? If you’ve just reached for the toll-free card, you weren’t wrong.

For entrepreneurs, here’s the game-changer, though. Today, that business with a toll-free number doesn’t have to be “big” at all. It can be a side hustle headquartered in the garage, with one solopreneur running it. The vital difference? That solopreneur takes their customer service incredibly seriously. They might not be big but they have a big heart for their customers.

How VoIP solves the problem

free toll free number

Thanks to modern technology, an average client has very limited means to determine whether you handle business single-handedly or have a hired staff of dozens. If you provide services online, the customer can only access your website or an online store, while communication is limited to phone calls.

That’s where an advanced virtual phone system (or VoIP, short for “Voice over IP”) comes into play. Is there a way to get all the professional interaction capability for an affordable price? Sure! VoIP will not only reduce your communicational overheads and improve efficiency; it will make your caller believe that your company is larger than it actually is.

Even if your staff consists of several employees working remotely from their homes all over the country, it is possible to cover them with a single umbrella of a virtual business phone number.  Best of all, callers will hardly find out that you pay a mere $20 a month for all those customer-friendly features.

10 call-processing options to make a small business look bigger

Offer what your callers expect to hear — that is the golden rule of successful business interaction. Obviously, to do that, you will require an advanced virtual phone system such as MightyCall. In this case, virtual means hosted or cloud-based.

After subscribing to a virtual phone number and selecting options you need, the maintenance of the communicational infrastructure becomes a provider’s task. The best thing here is that you don’t need to purchase or deploy any hardware: the provider uses its own assets to provide services as per agreement. All you need to do is configure the system (yourself or with the help of tech support) and start using it.

1. Virtual phone number

The most basic feature of a cloud call-processing solution is a virtual phone number. You can either port an existing number from a third-party service, or get a new one. In addition to a basic local number (selected from a list of available combinations), you can subscribe to a vanity and/or toll-free number. A vanity number is a combination of digits which is either easy to remember or can be dialed via replacing part of the number with letters (phonewords). If you opt for something like 1-800-FLOWERS, customers will instantly guess your field of expertise.

With MightyCall, you can get several local and toll-free numbers at no extra cost!

toll free vs local number

2. Toll-free number

Another way to distinguish your company is a toll-free virtual phone number (800, 0800 or 1-800). This feature ― widely used by large call centers ― allows you to pay for incoming calls instead of your customers. Needless to say, it is considered a sign of care for clients and boosts your company repute. The number of incoming calls rises greatly, and so rise the sales, compensating for increased communication overheads.

3. Auto-attendant

One of the most prominent features in terms of company image is an automated attendant. Simply speaking, it is a piece of software, which allows call routing via a customizable voice menu. A typical menu prompts callers to press buttons of their phone keypad (or give a voice command) to get through to a particular department/person. An auto attendant (aka interactive voice response or IVR) is the first thing a caller usually hears: “Thank you for calling to ABC Inc.”

4. Voice menu

Configure the voice menu as to announce something like “to call our sales department, press 3” and you’ll create a believable illusion of a large company with strictly organized business processes: dozens of well-dressed clerks diligently working at their desks from nine to five. Callers will never know that “the sales department” is your old buddy Jeff, lying on a coach in his favorite Pink Floyd T-shirt, while “the marketing department” is high school student Mary, who lives in a dorm.

5. After-hours call routing

Interactive Voice Response menus also give you an opportunity to enhance your after-hours business activity. Most small business owners simply ban after-hours calls from reaching their phones or forward them directly to voicemail. As a result, anyone calling at night will end up unanswered and frustrated. Virtual phone number providers offer a more efficient alternative. You can configure your voice menu to go into a different mode after hours or during lunch break.

6. Custom voice greetings

A professionally-recorded greeting (you can easily do it yourself) is like a business card for potential customers. Do it crisply and business-like, or make a creative move ― the choice is yours. In any case, make sure to give your voice greetings a makeover (if you haven’t done so in a while) or a regular touch-up.

7. Music on hold

While the aforementioned Mary and Jeff are reaching for their cellphones (yes, mobiles are supported), a caller will hear professionally sounding music on hold or a recorded message. Surveys show that playing something pleasant/interesting instead of standard beeps makes people hold the line 1.5-3 times longer without hanging up.

8. VIP lists

After-hours routing can also be altered depending on a caller’s number so that VIP customers can reach you regardless of time or day of the week. For example, if you’ve got an important call from a special client or an investor, just mark that number as VIP. From then on, you can apply different greetings and forwarding rules to that number. For example, you may route VIP calls to a special person on your team, or play a different greeting to different callers according to their numbers.

9. Multichannel capabilities

MightyCall is specifically known for its multichannel capabilities. An exclusive mobile application or a web-based dashboard lets you manage call-back requests, business messages and voicemail – but that’s not all. You can assign incoming calls/messages to your team members real-time, view detailed communication statistics, place to-do notifications and much more. Seamless integration with popular social media networks will grant you timely access to business-related social messages, saving effort on monitoring associated pages via numerous apps or a browser.

10. Contact Us and Click-to-Call widgets

MightyCall’s complementary web features will turn your business website into a powerful communication tool. The Contact Us page shows essential contact data in a convenient format (a virtual phone number, e-mail, social media profiles, a map, etc.), while Click-to-Call does as its name suggests. A website visitor will be able to make a VoIP call through this widget, leave you a message or a call-back request. The more accessible you are to potential clients, the more professional you look in their eyes.

MightyCall’s virtual telephony solutions: we help you grow

All in all, MightyCall cloud call-processing system offers a perfect opportunity for a small business owner to improve his business interaction, save on infrastructure expenses and appear bigger that you actually are. While you care for your clientele, we will care for your communication needs, so you can concentrate on doing business. Our list of available features is really impressive, but there are also things we don’t have:

  • No costly on-premises equipment;
  • No bugged features, which are impossible to configure yourself;
  • No long-term contracts, in case you don’t want any;
  • No hidden costs and paid options you don’t actually need;

And what we are happy to offer includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Years of experience with small/medium businesses;
  • A wide range of customizable advanced options;
  • Nearly best rates in the industry;
  • Excellent customer support and knowledge base
  • 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Flawless sound quality and uptime;
  • Enhanced multichannel capabilities and compatibility with any devices of your own…

Make your company more professional, efficient and profitable with MightyCall’s virtual phone number solutions.

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